Auto relocate

I can’t get the auto relocate all missing tracks to work, i right click, click on auto relocate all but nothing happens, if I do it one track at a time that’s fine, Is there a problem, am I doing something wrong, I can’t find a tutorial to show how it’s done?

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To automatically relocate all missing files:

  1. In the track list, right-click on any missing track and select Auto Relocate All.
  2. Engine DJ will begin scanning your Desktop, Music and Documents folders, and all connected drives (including Dropbox, if connected) for the missing tracks. Tracks will be scanned by file name first, followed by length if there are multiple file name matches.
  3. If file matches are found, Engine DJ will update tracks the same as above. Any files that do not match in name and length will remain missing. If multiple matches are found, Auto Relocate will not select one and the track will remain missing.

Note: When searching on macOS devices, file names must have a case-sensitive match. Auto Relocate will not search in your Downloads or Trash folders, or select packed files such as those in the Engine Library folder. If a drive is force ejected during the scan, the Auto Relocate process will stop.


Auto-relocate works fine here.

Those files are on Onedrive

I wish i worked the same with me…

I did not do anything special for it to work.

The file names are unchanged.

For testing purposes, I renamed the folder in windows, the files showed up as red, I activated autorelocate and they came back.

I tried again last night to re locate using the find all, at first I thought nothings happening but then I notice the job monitor was moving slowly once I clicked on it, it said searching D:/, I left it 10 minutes then it suddenly started re locating tracks, so it does work but needs time to search, so I take back my earlier comments. 1 or 2 tracks here and there are still missing but that’s probably me, I’ll live with that.:grinning:


As I try Auto relocate, I see the Job monitor flashing once and then reset again, nothing else happens…

Nothing happens for me as well! I’m on MacOS Monterey v. 12.6.1

Hello evrey one

“manual relocate” doesn’t work for me (PC windows 10) How i do this ? 1 Right click on red title 2 I define the right folder and the right file corresponding to the title 3 then “engine” sends me this message in a window : "Track Mismatch … The track you have selected has a different size compared to the missing track in your library. Are you sure to want? " “YES” or “NO” 4 I click on “YES” but the missing track is alway red and unusable …

where is my error please ?

First time I needed Auto-relocate, but it didn’t work for me on Monterey 12.7. The status instantly returns to “no jobs running”. Probably because I also edited some meta-data with a tagger and moved stuff into a different folder, so I don’t want to blame EngineDJ for that.

However, the workaround with manual relocate isn’t reliable either. In about 1 of 3 times, it tends to freeze before I even have the chance to enter something in the search field. Once it works, the red files instantly reverts back to white/OK.

Edit: Clicking outside said window seems to unfreeze it again - phew.

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Same problem here. I click and nothing at all happens. I cant se any scan starting and the files will still be red listed. I sorted all of my library yesterday in new folders with sub genres to get more organised. Its still in the same main folder though. But as i said nothing will happen when i click auto re-locate :frowning: