Auto Relocate Missing Tracks not working

I’ve just updated to Engine OS 2.4 (macOS Ventura) and tried Auto Relocate of 1 or multiple tracks, and nothing happens… Any advice?

Cheers, Renato

Half of my relocate works, I can search for 1 track and specify it’s location by showing the correct path ie D:/music etc……I have thousands to find so not much help, auto relocate does nothing Frustrating as I hope this would save me time as I recently had to move my library to another drive,hope someone can help us.

That is exactly what I’ve experienced. Manually, one by one works, but Auto Locate doesn’t.

Not working at all (not auto relocate, nor manual relocate) on Engine DJ 3.0.0 and Ventura 13.2.1

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Same happens to me, Relocate does not work at all.

It’s not a true relocate/sync function. Whoever implemented this ‘feature’ is severely detached from what a true DJ relocate sync function should be.