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Dear Denon, a feature that should be easy to add that I would like to see is some kind of auto play. It would be nice if I could just be chillin around the house and have my players automatically play tracks…it would be nice if it could auto play in order and a random shuffle function. Thanks Randallo Betterdays

Dude! This is a dj player! Not a house playback juke box. There are already dedicated devices that will do what You ask for. And they are way cheaper.

Thanks for your completely pointless response. What if I wanna Dj a few tracks, bump some songs while I’m grilling a steak, Dj a couple more tracks, flip the steaks, bone my chick, go back to djing, have a smoke break, Dj some more…etc


I suggest you read the manual. There is a continuous play mode.

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Really, guess I’ll have to take a look…so you don’t know offhand how to activate that?

It is rather lazy and ignorant to not read the manual of your own device or not to do a research before buying. If you would do so, You would notice a giant CONTINUOUS mode button on the main screen. This would take You less than even writing questions on the forum.


It always is -

I have the same issue like Beatzandmountains. I found a lot of hate on this forum instead of help from the members. Instead of just answering to a simple question people here prefer to put questions and complicate things. I went over the instruction manual and I did not found anything about this information. I am very disappointed that I payed so much money for a device that is very pour in instructions on how to use the device. In the same time Denon did a very good marketing campaign on how easy is to use this device but since I got it I found out that the software from this device is very poorly made.

Your answer does not make any sense. At a wedding or at corporate event for example there are moments like the cocktail time when I use to put some chill music in the background. Is pointless to stay on top of the player to load the next song one after other. Nobody will do that!!! I bought this device to get rid of the laptop, therefore, I think is common sense to have the continuous playing option because in some situation Djs use that. Your answer is full of hate and does not help anyone here. If you don’t know the answer that just give us a break and don’t make the smart ass here.

Can you be more specific please?? I did not found any information regarding this in the manual!!!

Hey Beatzandmountains. I found how to enable the continuous function. I just bought my device and I was looking for this function as well. After you load a song from a specific folder from your SSD or SD CARD make sure the tab from the main screen called “CONTINUE” is enabled. It plays all the tracks from that specific folder one after another. Please check the picture that I uploaded here:

Dude, did You really read my reply? Where is hate in it? And I gave the answer to the question too. Read again, please.

Page 10 of the manual:

Btw. I’m going to close both topics. I think all questions are probably answered already.

The way that you are replying is not cool. Now you are playing stupid just like you are the savior of the world. If someone is asking something here would be nice to have someone to be nice and reply in a nice manner and not making people lazy and ignorant. What do you say about that??? I am ZATTU and I put the picture with the explanation on this topic just to show how to reply to someone who needs help. I noticed that you made different other replies on this forum in the same way. I hope that you are not employed by DENON to help people around here, because if you are working for DENON that would be a big downside for this company.

I guess everyone has their off days, their stepped on a Lego brick on the stairs days.

Usually very friendly and helpful

Dude, he got told the answer to his question is in the manual and if that wasn’t enough, was then instructed that it’s a big button on the main screen of the player.

Then after a year you show up, don’t read or just skim through the user guide to your gear, do the same thing with this thread and then even complain about it.

But the problem is… other people? Do you really think user forums are meant to answer questions from people who are too lazy/don’t bother to read the user manual? Buahahahahahahahahaha

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Only to people who read the manual. That is the minimum of respect you can show to strangers who own the same hardware and we all know: you get as much respect as you show.

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Please read and understand the manual. Then read and understand forum faq, please read and understand forum etiquette. Than come back to us, we will be happy to help you if You will have issue. But we will not help if You come at us with such attitude. Trolling, bad attitude, Laziness and ignorance will also not be honoured here by anybody.

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