Auto Mix Feature In Prime 4

Will there be a feature so you can load tracks into a auto mix area on the screen so the controller will play and mix the tracks, like Virtual DJ, Rekorbox DJ and Cross do.

Yes, we need Denon to create a feature to mix the tracks, Rekorkbox ,Virtual DJ and Cross software does that. This controller has a built in computer controlling it, which is different from the standalone that Pioneer built


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There should be a feature to steel people’s mixes off SoundCloud and pass them off as your own as well. That way everyone will think you are a “real” DJ.

(edit) IMHO if you need automix, you are buying the wrong gear, and before anyone says “during food, background music etc” at these points no one gives a ■■■■ if it is mixed or not. Auto play, absolutely, auto mix :man_facepalming:t3:


My goodness there are some sensitive souls in here.

I actually stand by what I said though, if you want automix on a set of decks, then get a laptop, you are overspending by £000s just to try and ‘look like a DJ’. There is not a single rational reason to have automix on physical decks. End of…


Seems like an abuse of the flag feature, which is meant for violations of the forum terms of use like harrassing someone or spam bots.

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I think the way Denon is thinking is to replace the computer outside of the controller, and have it inside of the controller. Thus the controller is software driven, so a lot of things can be done.

Amen to losing the laptop!

I get what Denon are doing, and I love it and back it whole heartedly. It’s the people on here requesting things like automix that is really playing with my head. I’m a simple man to be honest, perhaps I’ve had my time…

The idea is auto mix should be an option for the user to activate when needed.

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Everyone prefers some cross fading with their playlists. So like iTunes it could be an auto 12 seconds crossfade or optional tempo matching say for a straight 4/4 house etc list. Better than super boring 2 second gaps between tracks for another room via the handy zone out feature on channel 4.

I totally agree

I’d want a very simple blending feature.

Probably the best way I can describe it, is I don’t want an automix system that considers BPM, phrasing(beat count), harmonic key and all that. I would simply want silence avoidance. Something like the prime waits until there’s less than 30 seconds of track left and then starts looking for when the volume fades away, then starts the new track a few seconds before the old tracks fades to silence.

Other people will want other levels of mixing, I’m sure. Including the /keep dancing, I’m going to the bar for an hour” option yeah.

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Who, who prefers this? If you are stood there you should be mixing it yourself, and if it is background music really, truly, no one cares, except the other DJs in the room.

That’s why I said I’m not thinking of an automix system features But instead just a fading of on tracks volumev nto another track . Just a way to avoid silent time during any background