Auto loop function possible or new request

is it possible to create an “auto-loop” in engine?

In RB from P this is possible and I often set it at the end of a song just as a sort of life saver, i.e. when the track arrives at this point automatically the loop starts. So when you are still looking for the next track or making a pit stop the song never ends…

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You can set up to 8 loops and 8 Hot cues in Engine Prime onto one track, which would then all load up each time you load the track.

thanks for the prompt reply @DJ_Boothe !!

Maybe I was not clear in what I looking for, of course I understand there are 8 cue’s and 8 loops available, great compared to the nxs but:

Specifically looking for an “auto -loop” the normal loops are only activated by pushing a button, on the nxs the auto loop automatically starts when the song is arriving at the point the start of the “auto-loop” is set.

Hope I made the question a bit clearer

Sure, as before, set up any number of loops and save them and when you load the track simply, easily and at any point during playback, just press any one of the loop buttons to activate the loop.

what he wants is the loop to activate on its own like we can do in Serato and rb (active loop)

a track will play as normal and when it hits an “active loop” it automatically loops

So, like the Auto memo load preset option which used to be on some of the earlier Denon players.

It was there as an option and most, I recall , found it a pain to have to clear out/clear down the loaded loops in order to let the track play.

But, auto loop activate, if it finds favour with more than a few people, might well be something which could be added in the future.

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not a memory load, not sure how that was on the denon, the last I used was the 2500 dual CD player, lol

this will activate a loop on its own as it passes but the spot you set in engine. Serato and others have this, definitely useful for end of track if you get caught taking a long bathroom break, it will just loop at the end for ya, lol

correct in RB it is not named auto loop but active loop.

Could be a checkbox ‘Active on load’ under the colors, where you edit Text and Color. By default unchecked, so the track plays normal, unless you press the saved loop button. But when checkbox is checked the loop is already active when the track passes the saved loop in playback.

You might wanna suggest this as feature request :slight_smile:

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An advanced variation of this request has been passed to the development team (about 2 weeks ago)


that would be great @Gee_DenonDJ.

I think a lot of us are waiting for a update of version 1.0 of Engine, I think I do speak for a lot of owners that we rather see regular smaller upgrades then 1 large upgrade every 6 months.

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Picked up my decks this week. As an old Traktor user I used to have some of my songs have an outro loop ready which I could activate and then let it loop automatically once the track reached this position.

Quick way of getting a similar workflow i’ve been testing is as follow. Navigate to the section of the track you wish to loop prior to playing. Set a loop with auto loop. Now while its playing within this loop use a hot-cue to jump to the start of the track. If you don’t touch any loop controls for the rest of the track it will automatically re-loop once you reach this loop.

I’ve only had the decks for a few hours of playing before my USB sticks decided to corrupt themselevs. However i’m sure there is a few other ways of achieveing the same results- will update once i’ve had more time to play.


more then a year later and a few updates issued, many thanks for these, however this one is still not implemented

Any news on this feature?


That would be the best and fastest solution I think. This feature is one of the most important ingredients for me personally. Many DJs that I know with the Pio … on, as the player implements this to 100%. With the activ loop you can focus much more on mixing and performing without worrying about missing the loop. The worst thing that can happen to a DJ is to miss the loop that the track runs out and the music stops in the club … It gives security to the DJ and is, so to speak, an emergency loop … Denon please insert this function.

I think that is a very important part that should be implemented in any case … I think for the developers, it should not be difficult to incorporate the function, as it was before. I hope that the developers take this into account in the next update.

@Abraxo this topic is specifically for the request to add the “auto loop function” please don’t mention any other requests.

By doing this we risk that the Denon team doesn’t know what request to tackle…

If you have any new request please open a new topic or add it to the appropriate existing topic.


The last time I looked all of them were closed, I’ll look again and create a new topic if need be.