Auto Loop Feature

Coming from rekordbox i am used to setting my loops in my track and engaging them in red before I transport them to USB. My question is Does Prime Engine along with the SC5000 have the funcation

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What is “engaging them in red”?

We had a former version (like a year ago) where you could activate your loop before you startet the track, so when the playhead marker reached the loop point, its startet by it self.

It was removed in the next update that came :frowning:

I miss it!!!


If you have used rekordbox you will know what I mean

It would be worth explaining it for those who have never waded into Rekordbox

I used, but never seen anythink like a red mode or something. I used cues and loops a lot on CDJ’s, but only red I seen was on the buttons when recording a hot cue or loop.

It simply means that you in RB can say that when this track is being played, the loop point will activate without you have to doing anything.