Auto Loop Encoder - Push action not working

Hey all, maybe I’m missing something but in playing with my new SC5000M I expected the push action on the auto loop encoder to set a loop at the location where I push it and to activate the loop for the length the encoder is set to?

The push action on that button doesn’t seem to do anything on my unit. Brand new unit on the latest firmware.

Any advice / help appreciated :slight_smile:

There are two modes for loops on the primes. Each Press of the loop button toggles between the two modes, with a different colour to let you know which mode you’re in. Neither mode may be the same as expectations if you’re coming from some DJ software, Both modes are great in their own way.

One mode just sets a single loop, very short loop if you press the left most pad, very long loop if you press the right most pad.

The other mode sets a different loop up for each pad… giving you Up to 8 loops if you want them

That is how the big silver loop dial works; choose the length of the loop, push the dial, loop drops in.

Yes, that’s what I read and expected. It is not working on my unit though, is anyone aware of any settings that may affect this action?

Or is this one for Denon support?

That’s a Denon support issue mate. I’ll have a look at mine after and see if there is anything on there, but I don’t think there is.

You could try connecting the 5000 to a computer with the USB cable and seeing if a press sends any MIDI info. If it doesn’t then it would confirm the death of said knob.

Hi Sempre,

Have you gone into Utility then preferences and is smart loops on? try the settings in there. I have default loop size 4, smart loops on, move cue to loop in off. Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone, looks like a faulty button, dealer has agreed to swap it out for a new unit tomorrow.

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