Auto Gain on denon Prime 4

Hi there i want to know how to auto gain on Denon Prime 4 and Its possible to using RGB waveform on denon prime 4

It’s worth taking a look at the forums search facility.

Prettier (for some), different color waveforms and also some attempt at auto-gain, are two requests which have already been made by some Prime owners.

When you find those requests in the official request section, you can add one (or two… one for each request) of your 10 forum votes to those requests.

It’s not the situation that requests with the most votes WILL get added, or get added faster than requests with less, or no votes. However it does give the dev team an idea of peoples wish list items

These things been requested.

For the auto gain issue i have a current solution that does the trick for me.

I use an app called Platinum Notes This app makes new versions of your tunes in all the same volume level and some dynamic-fx if needed, this way your setlist 'll sound more coherent.

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I just use my ears, look at the meters and adjust the gain as required. You can also enable the Prime 4’s output limiter (see manual).

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How does auto gain work alongside physical trim knobs? Does it essentially disable them? Not something I’ve ever used in Serato so lack of understanding.

Here’s how it works in VDJ.

Ah ok, cheers.

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