Audio problems 2018 mbp

I have a 15", 2018 mbp, so it’s pretty powerful. I used to have a DDJ SX with no audio problems. Now with my mc7000 the audio stutters , very bad at gigs. Yes, I’ve done the things to optimize my Mac, only using decks. If I can’t solve this I may just return it and get something more reliable.

Doesn’t matter, your SDJ is to blame. Controllers don’t process audio, your laptop does. Try going back to one version of SDJ before (2.0.5 instead of 2.1 for example)

What version of Serato are you using ?. 2.1 Was a big failure for me, and kind of lost my confidence in Serato updates as they always seem to break something.

Im currently using Serato 2.0.5 on my MC7000 at firmware v2.1 and its perfect.

Yep. 2.1.1 I’ll get back to 2.0.5 thanks