Audio lag issues caused by PC?

I have v8.5 VDJ, Denon MC2000 controller and a new gaming laptop (3 months old). When my controller is connected then it causes a small audio lag every 5-10sek or so. Without the controller, there is no lag. When i set up everything the same way on my older laptop then there was no lag and everything works fine. I just can’t figure out why my new and better laptop is causing these audio lags. All the setup is the same (including Asio drivers- downloaded directly from official denondj site). Only difference is that i run win11 in my new laptop and older one have win10. Any ideas?

You need to optimize your new gaming laptop windows to better process real time audio, it’s simple as that. Use google, there are several tutorials on the first page results.

This is not a denon hardware issue (although denon asio drivers for win are not great) so you will find better help on this topic on other sites.

ISSUE SOLVED. Here is the solution: So i did download DPC latency checker and it showed major issues. So i followed the app advice and started to disable devices one by one in the device manager. One network adapter called “Realtek family controller” is causing some major spikes (up to 4000μs). After disabling it my latency is still not in green (under 500μs) but in the orange area (around 1400μs). I did check it with the sound system and the controller connected and so far there are no lags. Would like to lower the latency a bit more though. i tried to disable most of the noncrucial devices but i did not get the latency into the green. Later i will see if i missed some and what else i can disable in order to improve the latency.

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