Audio Compressor/Limiter/Gate

First of all, I apologize for posting this topic here. Since I am using an X1850, I thought perhaps it was a place to start. I have been looking for instructions on how to connect a compressor to my system. Many of the videos on YT speak of an “Insert” on the respective mixers. However I have not seen said input on the 1850. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on whether to install said compressor PRE EQ, or POST EQ. Thanks in advance.

Are you using it for an effect for that ducking\pumping sound? If so the pumper fx already on x1850 does this, or are you achieving smooth signals as part of your main master out?

I have one after my master out, then to an equaliser following on to my speakers and Aux line to record.

I use it to keep my levels tidy esp if I’m recording sets with friends.

The INSERTS are the send and receive channels.

Send to compressor/limiter. Return (receive) from compressor/limiter.

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Thanks for the feedback. Same here. Looking for even output for recordings.

If you want to even out recordings, just put it between rec out an your recorder.

Reeses solution is good if you want it to be switched on and off by your FX controls, but I doubt there is a real practical use for that.

I did this for shts and giggles through send\return but found a strange delay was introduced and got a phased effect that was useless.

Best way to have a compressor is after your mixer signal then fed into an Equaliser to round up. Its a set and forget setting so you need to find what suits your taste. All tracks have different requirements so find a sweet spot.

If you go to an eq before compressor you can get similar results but as soon as you change the EQ settings, your compressor will also need re-adjusting!

Indeed. I just answered the question and I would only imagine it for a MIC channel.

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Sorry guys about continuing this topic. If I hook up the compressor to ‘level out’ the output sound (because some tracks are louder than others) will that ‘leveled’ effect also come out of my “Record Out” on the X1850??? Which ultimately is my main goal, to have my recordings ‘leveled out’. I hope I explained myself…


What do you mean by level out? The MASTER?

MASTER and REC OUT are different and separate.

Like stated by Johan, if you’d want a leveled recording, put a processor between the REC OUT and the recorder.

Personally, I’d go for a high-end multiband processor (like radio broadcasters use; Orban or Omnia stuff). Simple options would mostly create a pumping sound, but perhaps that’s the idea.

Got it. Makes sense to me now. Thanks

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There’s a “limiter” in the X1850 utility menu, but I wouldn’t recommend that one. :wink:

…such as a Behringer MDX4000 for example.

At a certain budget it will probably suffice.

It is even cheaper to use a computer with StereoTool, which is more or less the processing you’d find in an Omnia and Orban Optimod.

It’s what I used both in my studio (for mixtapes) and on the road back in the days of rack mounted amps and passive speakers. No pumping :slight_smile:

Okay great!

My broadcast stream uses an Optimod like multiband processing. 5-bands, automatic gain control, exciter/enhancer. I feel it sounds FAT. lol

I must make an extra comment on a my above posts. You can color the sound way more to your taste, when using 5-band processing. It is perhaps not fitting for recording neutral sounding audio, but then again, pumping isn’t either. :wink:

The initial reasoning for me was to answer the question. The real advice should be: watch your levels per track, record and post-edit using Waves Ultramaximizer or other tools.

My tool of choice for audio editing is L3-LL Multimaximizer Low Latency Multiband Peak Limiter Plugin | Waves

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