Audible popping sound through booth monitor on Prime 2

Hi team.

Just wanting to report an occasional problem ive seen on the Prime 2 with the last couple of updates.

When quickly turning the booth gain up from 0 to whatever level you want it set at, there is an audible crack/feedback coming through the speaker. It is a recent issue and wasn’t always there (based on my behaviour not changing when moving the dial) but has been present since 2.3.0 firmware I would guess.

To replicate the issue, connect the booth out to an active monitor with the level set at 0, then move it quickly up to the level you want to set it (usually around 10 on a clock face in my case), it will produce a loud crack through the speaker.

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@STU-C Thank you for announcing it, I thought my ears were failing me! Same problem with my Prime 4!

Did you report it?


Only on here. I’ve found that turning it slowly stops it happening but obviously they need to be aware.


Same here, Prime 2 user, but also happens to master when booth and master are connected and u move it fast.

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Yeah ive not seen the master issue yet but then i dont tend to fiddle with it much once setup, its definitely an issue though.

Hey @STU-C This may be plain old oxidation on the potentiometers. Does this go away after whipping the knob back and forth through the entire range about 20 times?

Oh I don’t know but ill check for you… Ive only ever had it happen a few times at gigs and it’s always when ive been more vigorous with the twist from zero. It’s usually at the start of the night where ive set the master level of the room before turning the booth up.

Will do some testing at home this week and get back to you with some findings.

I have tried, and still the same, for me, it only happens when booth and master are phisycaly connected in the output and u play fast with the volume knobs. If ony one is connected everything sounds fine.

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Is it worth editing the topic title from “feedback” (high pitched continuous whistle/low pitch deep continuous hum) to “momentary pop” or something else which won’t get picked up in a forum search for any rare microphone issues ?

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100%, will amend now.

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I wonder if this is a “digital zero” thing.

The 1500 used to have a thing where if the master control was moved anywhere between 1 and 255, at any speed from slow n smooth, or even completely ridiculous “Festival DJ - gotta touch something to make it look like I’m doing something” speeds, everything was fine… but when the control passed into or came out of 0 (zero) there was a brief pop.

For me, it’s definitely related to moving the dial away from the 0 position and not just moving it up or down from an already audible sound.

id like to know if it is a genuine volume dial (variable resistor) or merely a control dial for volume that is situated elsewhere on the device.