Are you kidding that Bluetooth support is available for all old generation devices, except for the first generation Prime 4? Is this to force us to buy Prime 4+? Denon disappointed me this time!!!

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Not available on P2, SC5000’S too :+1:

Sc5000 é de uma geração anterior ao Prime 4, então se justifica não ter o suporte, Prime 2 não é da mesma categoria do Prime 4, então também é justificável. Agora Prime 4 é da mesma geração e categoria dos SC6000 SC6000M, então não faz sentido a atualização não contempla-lo, a não ser obrigar o usuário a fazer upgrade para Prime 4+. Não há outra justifica!!

With all due respect, have you looked at the prime 4 and the sc5000? They are from the same generation, the buttons, the pads, the colors are identical… The prime 4+, the prime go, the sc live and the sc6000/M are new generations, they use the same buttons, the same colors, same pads.

You are wrong if you think that the prime 4 is part of the new generation of products, it was just with the prime 2 that the latest products of the previous generation. It is therefore normal that they use the same sets of components


Prime 4, sc6000, Prime Go, são todos da mesma geração. A nova geração é a partir das sc live!

You dont know that for certain, you’re just guessing.

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The SC Live range aren’t the Prime range.

Wow… another gift horse being looked in the mouth”

Whichever model you’ve got, unless you bought it last month, you’ve probably had the equivalent of hundreds of bucks of absolutely free enhancements and new features added by free firmware updates since purchase - some of them, highly usable and really terrific features.

And… I suspect there will be more coming for some time yet…. Just not Bluetooth

Remember also that a few months ago some new features were added free to the prime 4 which were not applied to some of the other Prime models. Things which Prime 4 users benefited from which other prime owners didn’t. So it’s fair when certain features only get applied to certain models.