◊ ◊ Attention! SC3900 SOFTWARE SYS 1168 (Nov 2014) ◊ ◊

◊ ◊ Attention! NEW SC3900 SOFTWARE SYS 1168 (Nov 2014) ◊ ◊ In order to DL the latest firmware,

You must login first before you can get the firmware. Then Unzip the DL in a folder of your choice, then follow the easy .pdf “Read Me” directions. (Please read the PDF instructions that come with the DL file)

Before you proceed, you should ALWAYS verify your software version installed in your Denon DJ product to avoid unnecessary download. Your product may already be up to date and no action is required.

So how do you check the software version? Follow these simple steps: •Step 1: Hold down the button labeled “-UTIL” for 2 seconds. The display should then indicate that you are in the Utility mode.

•Step 2: Then, turn the Parameter knob clockwise until the display shows “Information”. Push down on the Parameter Knob and it will say “System Version”, Push down on the Parameter Knob again to view the “System Version” number. If your system version number does not match the Latest Plug In’s version, please proceed with the download

How to Video is here:(same for v1168)

Latest Build: v1168 (as of Nov 1, 2014) • Now Supports 500 Playlists & Crates from previous 99 limit • Improved the RPM setting in UTIL mode as change is affected immediately • Improved the output level for Serato in Hybrid MIDI mode to avoid clipping • Fixed a problem that when unit is in MIDI mode, the track can be loaded via engine for iPad • Fixed the problem that sometimes wrong title is appeared • Fixed the problem that sometimes Track Prev./Next buttons do not work • Fixed the problem that when Brake function is available, the playback doesn’t stop despite pause status • Fixed the problem that sometimes slave unit is muted after additional unit is connected to same network

Do not use any older firmware version with new version of engine. You must update the deck and Engine. v1100 and higher with engine 1.12 or higher = OK v1050, v1030, v1020, v1010 or older with engine 1.11 = NG

Please post any questions/comments/concerns about this update in this thread.


Will there be a new sc 3900 improved?

what sort of enhancements were you thinking of?

Well for one they came out with sc5000 (which is for DJ’s who like “static” platters… But there is a ton of us DJ’s who we’re hoping to get new 3900’s that have bigger screens so we can use it as an true standalone… Yes I know we can hook up an iPad & router and all that…but hell why not just give us a bigger screen then & have better search cause of right not using my usb flash drive & looking /scrolling through two lines of songs does not cut it…

Would you go for an SC5000 if it was £300/$200 more, but had a motorised platter?

when denon released that teaser video… i was hoping like most other dj’s it was a spinning platter!!! type new media player/controller… yes as soon as they release a new update over the 3900 that has an spinning platter im all over it :slight_smile:

une 3900 autonome comme la SC5000 prime mais totalement autonome et totalement fonctionnel avec traktor (pour les remix deck et mashine,) serato et engine… et c’est vraiment dommage que les boucles, cue et grid soit compatible de serato à engine et pas avec traktor à engine…y aura t’il une maj pour cela ?