At my wits end with importing updating new music!

I have a very large hard drive and database. I am a mobile dj and update my music every couple days.

In Serato when I get new music I take the folder where the new music went, and just drag the folder into All music which is selected on the left. The new music then shows up on the top and I then highlight and analyze the music. Its very very easy, after about ten minutes all of my music is analyzed and ready to go.

The process to do this in Engine is beyond me. Can somebody please help me. What I’ve been doing is just opening up engine, it takes like 30 minutes to update database, then I hit update Serato playlist, and then it takes about a day to update, then I’m lost. I don’t know how to see the new music or what. I need help I’m at my wits end with this software and ready to ditch it again unfortunately.

FYI something that takes me ten minutes in Serato takes me a few days in Engine and I still don’t know if I’m analyzing the music at all.

It shouldn’t take a day to update…


Computer specs?

Latest version of Engine Prime?

Is your Serato library on your internal drive?

How many songs?

In Engine Prime settings , do you have auto analysis on?

I use Serato and it takes about 1 hour to update Engine Prime (ridiculously too long ) but not overnight

May it sounds a little bit strange, but in the case of Serato licenced hardware, wouldn’t have been nice to integrate the Serato engine inside both Denon DJ hardware standalone software and in the library database management software?

I thought of the same as well, if they licensed the database management. But not sure if Serato will want that as its basically handing over their codes to InMusic.

Food for thought though, Soundswitch (owned by InMusic) can read Serato database instantly (bpm, grids intact). I wonder how they did it.

At @CevinKullins provide some more info when you get a chance. I use Serato as well (MacOS).

@CevinKullins, Sorry to hear of the difficulties! I use the same workflow (Serato > Engine) so I’ll be happy to help!

  1. Update your Serato library in Engine.
  2. Once updated, find the crate(s) you want to use then right-click and choose import as crate or playlist (whichever you prefer). You can also drag and drop the crate from the Serato list area directly to the Engine crate or playlist area. This will create an Engine version of the Serato list.
  3. Once imported, drag the crates(s) playlist(s) from the internal Engine collection to the media device pane.

We’re working on some great improvements to speed up these type of workflows in the future.

Here’s a video that walks through the current process of converting Serato to Engine Prime.

Alternatively, you can use the same folder workflow you use in Serato directly in Engine. Just drag the folder to the crate or playlist area inside of Engine. Engine will create a crate or playlist with the same name and folder contents. This method would bypass the Serato import process mentioned above.

Hope these tips are helpful.


I’m struggling using the engine software I’m new to digital music iv got like as far as installing a free trial of rekord box got 5000 tunes in there and iv installed. A formatted 256 gig ssd in the prime 4 spent all day trying to work out what the heck I’m doing wrong but northing going into either I’m getting a list up on the prime 4 all tracks in red help please thanks

Hi there

I don’t have the P4 , i own the 5000s but the process should be the same.

  1. Where is your music located? In your laptop hard drive?

  2. I will advise you to download Serato. It’s free.

  3. Create a folder in your laptop and name it DJ MUSIC or whatever name you like. It can be nested under MUSIC folder. Ie Music > DJ MUSIC

  4. Drag all your music for ding into this folder. When you acquire new music save them to this DJ MUSIC folder

  5. Launch Serato DJ pro

  6. Using file tab in Serato, navigate to the DJ MUSIC folder. Drag that folder to “ALL” in the left panel in Serato. It will be the very first crate.

  7. You will see the Library become populated with all the song’s

  8. Select all the songs, click analyse

  9. When the analysis is complete, start making crates in the left panel if you intend to use crates. Crates are like playlists.

  10. Exit Serato DJ

  11. Wait for it to exit completely

  12. Launch Engine Prime

  13. Go to Serato tab in engine prime, refresh Serato library. This may take a bit, go get a cuppa

  14. When it’s complete you will see your Serato song’s and crates appear. If you made cue points in Serato they will also be available in the tracks

  15. Select all the songs, right click and choose add to collection

  16. If you want to copy the crates, select each one, right click and it will give you an option to add as crate or playlist. You can do both.

  17. Plug in your Prime 4 with the SSD installed

  18. The Prime 4 SSD should appear in the right of the left panel

  19. Start dragging your crates from the collection tab to it

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Cheers @mufasa I will try that out thanks a lot for the help thought I’d try the digital route after years of flicking through a record box

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