ask for denon prime 4 corrupt library sync manager

Hello everyone, a few questions, I have a Denon Prime 4 and today I updated the software. When transferring the files with the engine dj sync manager, it tells me that the library is corrupt. Delete everything. I factory reset. Update and it’s still the same. On the other hand, it tells me in the collection that files are missing since I have moved them but I don’t see a way to delete them altogether. But one by one. Do you know if there is a way to delete them all at once? Has it happened to anyone who calls them a corrupt library?I had engine dj version 3.2 and had no problems. I downloaded 3.4 and it gave me problems, I went back to 3.3 and it gave me problems, I put the one I had previously had 3.2 and the same problem occurred again. I bought fakin the funk software to search for the corrupted files within the 40,000 files and it gave me 16 files. I deleted them and I still have problems, the only way for the folders to work is using the MacBook and the Denon Prime 4. What solution is there to prevent this problem from happening to me?