Arranging tracks alphabetically

I have a Prime 2, which I bought two years ago, new. (Already it appears to be a ‘Legacy’ product!). I only use Tidal to stream music. As far as I can see, it is not possible to arrange tracks in my Playlists alphabetically. Am I the only person who would like this facility?

How is a device that’s still receiving updates with new features considered legacy ?


I would assume all streaming services are that way. I know beatport and beat source are the same. I think it’s out on Denons hands at that point when you are using a 3rd party track source.

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I don’t use streaming services but isn’t the standard sort functions available in the top right corner? Where you can sort by artist?

Agree with this oddworld, my Prime 2 feels like least legacy device I’ve ever owned.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I have ‘Chatted’ with Denon, who said that it is not possible ‘at present’ to arrange tracks alphabetically on my Prime 2, so you are right, Gary. I am not techie (or a pro DJ) so in my simple world I couldn’t understand why I can do on my Desktop and Mobile, but not on my Denon unit. As regards being a ‘Legacy’ product, the only reason I mentioned this is because when going into the Community site, under ‘Categories’ Engine Prime comes under the sub heading of ‘Legacy Products’, so I assumed that this is where I should be to see if the subject had cropped up before. (Denon suggested I joined). There is another box headed ‘Prime 4+ Stems Beta’ (whatever that means) so maybe I should have clicked on this given that the Prime 2 and Prime 4 are basically the same. Can’t see Prime 2 mentioned specifically, which would have been helpful. Doesn’t take much to confuse me…


I think its because its now called ‘Engine DJ’ and ‘Engine OS’, that’s the reason ‘Engine Prime’ is in the legacy area the forum. As far as specific devices go, talk about them should be in the ‘Hardware’ area of the forum.

The Prime 2 is definitely still being actively supported with most of the great new features.


Yes this has been an issue for a long time. I understand it’s from a third party streaming. But these devices should be able to recreate the list within the os that you can filter anyway you want, there should be a very easy work around. I think there is some legality keeping engine from doing this because if the machine can formulate the names, bpms, and keys it definitely has the power to filter streaming tracks into an engine recreated list. So silly that engine is like “we can only present the playlist as they appear in your streaming app, our hands are tied”. Like they don’t understand how djs work. :thinking:

Does the streaming app allow you to sort? and if so why not sort in there to the desired order?

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You can only move tracks to the top or bottom of the playlist in Beatport. You can’t filter by key, alphabet, bpm, etc…


Fair enough, not something ive ever used so dont know the ins and outs of it.

Well said brother.