Are duplicates created as default?

On the SD-card there’s a folder called “House” with +500 songs (files). In the Engine DJ software (win) there is an empty playlist also called “House”. The House-folder is dragged and dropped into the House-playlist and everything is fine. Now I add x-amount of songs to the House-folder, then I drag and drop it into the House-playlist … but … now there are +500 duplicates in the playlist. Is that really supposed to happen?

Well, You added again same songs, so it took it.

I got the same issue (well maybe not an issue as it’s the way the software is suppose to work) where it create the same folder with a 2 added at the end (and all the same subfolder).

Only workaround I find is to delete the folder from the collection and import it back with the new track (it’s quicker than importing each new track one by one, specially on large collection).

Would be nice to have an option to drag and drop the same folder on the collection and it only add the new track instead of acting like it’s a new folder and duplicate everything.


I was hoping this wasn’t the case, but now I know…

Edit: Oh yeah, that was a nightmare (in reality I had 3958 files, 388 folders)… What would be a practical use for duplicates instead of (at least) a pop-up asking to merge/skip…?

That’s not what he’s saying.

Let’s say you have a Hip-Hop parent crate, and you separate the children crates via BPM.

Let’s also say 60 - 70 BPM is the first child in the list of children crates, and it only has 40 songs in it.

Engine DJ will dump EVERY song in the parent crate (which is just a collection of all the songs that are in each individual children crate) into the first child, regardless of what it is and how many songs are supposed to be in there. I personally think it has to do with the naming scheme, specifically if ANY child crate has a word that’s also in the parent crate.

I also found a new issue: Not every crate in my Serato library is importing correctly. Three of them are missing, and ironically two of them have the aforementioned described issue within the normal Engine DJ collection.

Denon, it’s been five years, now. Why is this software still a mess when it comes to organization?

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Parents, crates, children, collections and playlists… Jeez… We’re in the future and everything is digital, right? I’m dealing with 2 things; files and folders, not vinyl and CDs.

So what’s the … expected way to add files to existing playlists…? [I’m gonna keep the “simplistic” :sweat_smile: example used above]

On the computer I got my “House” folder, but now I got 10 new files I want to add. I create another folder called “House_” and drop the 10 files in that … for now. On the SD-card I already got my synced “House” folder.

Now here’s where I’m confused… I drop my 10 files from computer-house-folder to the SD-card-house-folder, plus the “House_” folder in root. Now, in the Engine DJ software (win) I got the existing “House” playlist already synced (and now recreated without duplicates). And instead of dragging & drop “House” to the playlist (which will create duplicates), I just D&D the “House_” to the “House” playlist (adding the new 10 files)…? Then I can delete the obsolete “House_” folder from the SD-card and resync…? Oh, yeah, and empty the computer “House_” folder (to avoid future playlist duplicates). … Sound like way too many steps to be the most efficient way to add filess to existing playlists. Please tell me I’m overcomplicating things :sweat_smile:

Engine DJ is a straight forward library management tool.

Why are you copying and pasting the SD card? That’s the job of Engine DJ.

  1. Add new files to your master dj storage
  2. Refresh/Update your Engine DJ with the new files
  3. Transfer the tracks from engine dj to your SD

That’s all