Are cue points/loops/etc. stored on file itself in case of having to restore from copy?:


Currently I have the Prime 4. I am copying all changes with cues/loops back to the original files using the sync changes function in Prime. I am also copying the files after this to an external drive in case the #$@ hits the fan and I have to start from scratch (firmware bricking, software gltich, etc.).

If I re-copy these files after a disaster, will all that information (cues/loops, etc.) be saved, & therefore, copied back without having to start over on re-import?

Also, If I were to copy a playlist &/or tracks from the Prime software, or the unit itself (using it in computer mode) to an external souce (e.g. USB drive/backup drive), would those changes be written on the file itself?


No the loops, cues, bpm , grids are stored in database not the files.


Engine Prime leaves all your files perfectly alone.

There are separate database files for all the hot cues and loops

Thanksm mufasa and Jestsound. Really Appreciate it.

So if you have your database file backed up, it would (in theory) restore those settings if you are doing a perfect restoration of the prime database?

Would you mind telling me which files in the database to back up, if I need to?

I have been backing up the Prime4 content in full, but I know that Prime Engine is an entirely different animal.

Also, if the tracks were on a different drive letter once you restored from your database copy, wouldn’t this be something you would have to relocate/re-associate somehow?

I’m coming from a Traktor mindset, so I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Engine database. The Prime 4 itself is a beautiful beast, but the software itself…not so much so far.


There is no relocate function in Engine prime yet. You have to do a full clone with the files and database.

Where are the engine prime tracks located?

My engine prime tracks are in an external drive which makes it easy for me to back up to another external drive. So all the cues etc are in the clone as well.


Hi mufasa,

I’m sorry I am late to this forum reply. I did not see the notification. My problem is that I start with the files on my laptop. I then import them to Prime 4, where I set loops, cues etc. I hit the sync feature to make the changes to the database, but the I deleted the tracks from the laptop and saved them to another HDD.

So, basically, my collection rests in two separate hard drives & my laptop (where I have some files still remaining).

That’s why I’m concerned. In theory, if I back up both the engine prime database and the prime 4 database, would this solve the issue?


What are your thoughts on a slightly different way to approach this based on your needs.

  • External HDD
  • Prime4 Drive (thumb/ssd/sd/flash)
  • EP
  • Laptop
  • USB Cable
  1. Before adding any music to EP copy it to the external HDD where it’s going to be permanently.

  2. Now add tracks to EP from the external HDD

  3. Export from that HDD using EP to your Prime4 Drive using Sync Manager

  4. Set your cues loops etc on the Prime4 unit (using the Prime4 DrIve)

  5. Use sync manager to update the cues/loops to the ext HDD

Thank you Mufasa for your timely reply. Thankfully, I caught this one in time.

The reason that my library was all over the place was because I had my music in 3 places, HDD, laptop, prime 4 (still do).

The reason I had to do this was the drive with all my music when I first bought the Prime 4 was on an NTFS formatted drive. It really is a shame I can’t use this format in Prime.

I am not against the idea of buying a new storage drive and formatting it for EXFAT, then copying ALL music over to that drive.

However, this creates a bit of a sticky situation. For one thing, the Engine Software database that has all my loops/cues stored is on the laptop. As I understand it, it references the original location of the music. Since all of that music is now on the Prime 4 (and very little remaining in the original location of the laptop where the software is installed), I’m not sure how I could go about getting it to recognize all my cue points and loops. I have days of labor invested in that part of it.

At any rate, I’m open to your idea, if it is possible. Any guidance is helpful, and thank you very much for a timely reply.


Having all your music in one location will be very helpful and save you some headache.

For this

  • external Engine Prime drive (ntfs)
  • Engine OS drive (ExFat) - this is what gets plugged into the players or installed in the prime player drive bay

I have all my music in one external drive

So when I download a track on PC I move the tracks to the external and delete it from internal location before running it through Engine Prime.

Most times I have the external EP drive connected to my laptop so I download directly to it. You can set chrome to request a download location anytime you download.

Engine OS drive - I have a separate SSD which I use with the Primes.

And I use EP to sync music and playlists to the Engine OS Drive from the EP Music external drive.

Hope that makes sense.

There is nothing wrong with keeping your EP drive as NTFS, EP will read it but Engine OS will not.

My Engine Prime drive is AFPS (Apples version of NTFS) but my Engine OS drive is ExFat.

Thank you for your detailed description.

I have a Samsung 1TB EVO installed in the Prime4 for all my collection.

The bulk of my collection’s back up is stored on an external NTFS HDD. Initially, when I tried to copy the files over, I received a message stating that NTFS was not supported in the Prime software.

So, if I were to get a new external SSD to store my music back up, as well as backing up my existing collection from the Prime 4 on it (in case), as well as the Engine Software from the PC’s database file, would I somehow be able then do a backup restore with all my cues/loops intact?

I come from Traktor, and it was very easy to relocate cues/loops, etc. via their .nml system.

Thanks again for your time!

I will PM you.

Thank you, Mufasa. PM sent.

Im interested in your question too.

When i updated my prime it wiped all my music.

Asvice for a novice, if i add all my music back add my cue points and beat grid my tracks. Where can i back up the points and grids for ky tracks

Hi Steve

as people have said on your other thread, you need to be using a computer and the desktop app to organise and back up your music, including the Engine DJ files.

Thank you very much