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I typically use MP’3 on my Prime 4, but I have a big 50th birthday party for a doctor coming up and he gave me an Apple Music playlist of his favorite songs. I was going to make a folder on the Prime and gather up all his music, but then I thought…maybe Prime 4 can stream Apple Music. Does anyone no if that is the case?..can Prime 4 play Apple Music like Beatsource and Tidal?
This is not something I normally do…so please let me know if I can make life easier for myself. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apple Music does not allow to stream music on DJ gear but you have different options:

Get a Tidal, Beatport or Beatsource account and import your songs from Apple Music with something like Up to 500 songs per batch should be free.

On the other hand you could buy the songs eg on iTunes which would allow you preparation without streaming capable hardware (Prime 4).

I think this would be the 2 best options.

Thank you. I use Tidal for streaming. I am able to export this clients playlist from iTunes but I can’t seem to get it into Engine DJ 2.2. I chose the XML file in the setting and the iTunes icon come up on the left side of the software, but when I click on update, nothing happens. Really frustrating.

Use tunemymusic to export the iTunes playlist to Tidal, then access Tidal directly from your Prime 4.

I want to thank you for that advice. Works wonderfully! I am also really impressed with Tidal now. They have come a long way since last year at this time. I normally would get MP3’s for my wedding gigs. But I had a doctor friend of mine ask me to play his 50th birthday bash. And he sent me his playlist in Apple Music…299 songs! LOL. So, that’s what got me on this streaming kick. Amazing how that tunemhymusic works so smoothly. Once again…thank you for that advice.

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Haha, how long’s the gig? You’ll need about 15 hours to get through that lot (at 3min per song)!

Hopefully you’ll have good wifi at the venue too, as we still have no offline storage on the hardware or the software. :cry:

As so many people use Spotify, I use that conversion site a lot (to convert to Tidal).

PS one tip I can give is to make sure all the tracks in that playlist actually do load and play, as sometimes Tidal messes around, affecting some playlisted tracks.