Apple Music tracks will not map/sync to Engine

Hi, am trying to map tracks over from Apple Music to Engine DJ, only 18 out of 52 will work. Some notes:

  • we don’t think sample rate and bit rate are the issue
  • considered DRM, most (not all) of the tracks were burned from CDs years ago, but believe a DRM issue would apply to tracks bought from Apple here
  • looking at the profile of the tracks, most of them are old tracks burned from CDs maybe 15 years ago, have to assume that’s part of the underlying issue
  • Apple shows the tracks as being available in Music, but they won’t map to Engine
  • been buying new tunes from Apple and mapping them over to Engine for some time, no issue
  • have considered deleting test tracks in Apple Music, buying them fresh, then testing if they will map over ok
  • a mate has suggested trying MetaBliss, if the issue is the meta for the burned tracks, if Engine is struggling to locate them
  • apparently a separate thread says people have issues reading/importing files from drives accessible by other devices. Used to use an iPad with Djay, running tunes off Apple Music, not any more. But in case that’s relevant

Any thoughts, solutions? Thanks.

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