Anyone still buying Vinyl?

As above, anyone still buying vinyl, and if so what you buying?

My partner and I decided to start collecting soul and disco 45s over lockdown, we now have about 150 of them and counting. I might have slipped into a bit of a hip-hop fixation too with it:)


As long as DNB labels keep pressing it, I’ll keep buying it. DNBUniverse and Juno are my go to’s.


Juno is expensive as hell though isn’t it, new 45s are about 13 quid a pop.

My latest purchase from there is a Krafty Kuts edit of Nas. It’s a beauty track but Traxsource is cheaper haha.

I Do!

Supporting local record shops is important. If your in the right city… Record shops / collectives can form a community of like minded people!

Not really. 12” singles range from $8-17 usd each which is the going rate. Vinyl pressing is just insanely expensive right now. Our last order of 500 came in at a cost of $7.50 per record after setup, press, print, shipping, and distro.g

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Oh yeah I understand the costs, I was just talking in relative terms from the old days. You can soon rack up a bill at £13 a record etc.

OH HECK YES !!! VINYL IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE A STAPLE IN THE DJ WORLD. One reason for the “digging in the crates” mentality. There are many versions of songs you may not be able to obtain on Soundcloud, Tidal, Beatsource, and there has been an upsurge of uploads to Youtube from people who have Vinyl. Yes you can support your local Record store. I live in the Albany NY area by way of my hometown of Newburgh NY, and have been buying records since 1980, though my collection has depleated due to moving and heat from keeping some of records in storage, note climate control is very important for the care of vinyl. But as for searching for vinyl, of course record stores, TRUE RECORD STORES, NOT YOUR LOCAL RETAIL CHAIN, example, wallyworld, targee’. But you will find VINYL GEMS even cassettes in second hand stores or garage sales, heck I have found crates in the garbage a few times. Just get a solid turntable, like the Denon V12, with a great cartridge and you are all set, you can record your vinyl to digital, using a Denon DJ PRIME GO, PRIME 2 OR PRIME 4 which are capable of recording via the AUX input and onto a flash drive. Yes collect vinyl hold onto it you may come across a piece well worth it. I support DENON DJ products and the customer support. Just remember it is all about the music.

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Yep, too much. I live in NYC, where incredible used shops are everywhere. It’s a problem for my wallet but I’m generally very happy.

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Is Halcyon still open?

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Status update, been hunting around York today and found a few disco and funk classics. Picked up a German edition of Average White Band - pick up the pieces with cut the cake on the B.

Also got Gary Numan - ‘are’ friends electric too, for some Groove Armada vibes:)


I never stopped buying vinyl, but now only mixes not available in a legal, quality digital format. My go-tos are brick-and-mortar shops, Discogs, Juno and eBay seeking disco, funk, soul, synthpop, house, deep house and creative danceable mixes of about any genera. Beware, large collections are difficult to manage and move! I love my vinyl, but thank goodness for digital formats (and Bandcamp).


Whenever there’s an album I’m excited about, I get it on vinyl for sure, but only for “listening purpose” - I do miss DJ’ing with vinyl, but sure as hell don’t miss traveling with it :joy:


That’s why I’m only buying 45s now, so I can keep them in a couple of boxes. I already have several hundred 12s from back in the day and they are a pain to move and manage.

I agree with the digital bit, that’s why I love DVS.

Stay with it but know your going to drop lots of $ these days, everything is so expensive. But buy what you like don’t buy someone’s crate of records because they want to dump them. Every record needs to be personal. I run an all Vinyl set twice a month here in Chicago and I encourage people to bring their own vinyl to keep things fresh and it’s a dope night. Yes i buy Vinyl every month. Primary go to for new sheet is Juno, now i found a dope spot here in Chi called Gramaphone records. I don’t support Discogs, they rape you.

We’re stuck a bit here in the UK for local record shops unfortunately… there are some but nowhere near as many, or as good as the US, hence having to use sites like Discogs, im just careful who i buy from on there now.