anyone heard about Stems in sclive4??

Hi, anyone heard about Stems on the sclive4? it would ban the serato laptop… (im bad with serato, becouse they ignore the users…)

There is nothing to hear, currently only the Prime 4+ is being tested for Stems, and there is zero indication that will change.

Its a pity that the company not react or communicate about this…

What if stems was available for your model but the feature was 200 bucks - would you still want it?

Sorry but your question is out of this world What is the reason making this question? Are you in the sales departmentt of InMusic?

I would pay for Stems funktions in enginedj, yes! Why not? 1-200€, absolutely!

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My advice, head over to the Pioneer/Alphatheta forum and ask them to announce their forthcoming products and features and see what the response is. Then head to pretty much every other company on the planet and ask the same about their products.

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Some people just grab free stuff

A small moment of criticism, but it is possible that regarding everything that Denon offers us, the only things that are always asked about are stems and Bluetooth, but you who consider yourselves DJs, can’t you live and work well without them? I have been a club DJ for more than 40 years but I can guarantee you that I also use the effects desk very little. If you do your job professionally all these things are superfluous. After all this I wish you a good life