Any way to select all tracks when moving to a crate?

Hello all, am I missing a way to select “All” tracks when selecting the edit pen to add songs to a crate?

I did an initial search and rewatched the denon library management video again, but couldn’t find a way to do it.

If I create an “Instrumentals” crate, search for the word Instrumental in the library, It would be helpful to select all the instrumentals to move to the crate, rather than selecting 5000+ individual songs to move to the crate.

Just in case, I have created a feature request here:


You can do this in the prime software easily, select the first track in the list then hold the shift key, scroll down and select the last, that should highlight all of them then drag to the playlist.

Hi @prod, you cannot do this at present on a PRIME 4 so thank you for your suggestion post.

As @j141 stated you can do so within Engine Prime

Thanks J