Any suitable stand for Prime 4?

Hey guys, i realy hope to get some tip here. I would love to get some stand for my Prime 4. Considering my height, i have neever felt comfortable djing on a standard height table, my back suffer… So i would love to get some stand, which preferable has a height of anything between 100-120cm. In the best case with tilted plate. I love this one for example but it says its onyl up to 8k, prime 4 weighs 10kg. But thats exactly what i would like to have. Some users recommend similar notebook stands, but usualy its primo go users, prime 4 is way too big for such a small space designed for notebook. Any tips?

IMO it would be a really bad idea to put something as wide and heavy as the Prime 4 on a tripod stand like that.

Mine is currently on a X Frame keyboard stand.


Thanks for the answer man! I was considering these as well. Most of those i found were quite low in height unfortunately. As i said, i wanted something 100cm plus preferably with tilted space so the controller doesnt lay flat. Can you send me real photos of your setup please? Whats the height of yours?


I have a Quick lok dj 233. Believe me, It’s the best for Prime 4. See it on Amazon. You can set the height and it folds very easily

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Hello Rapa, thanks for your suggestion, it looks realy good! I actualy found something similar that i like even more, this one:

I would like to ask you one question still: your table has a depth of 49cm, the one i chose is 48cm. Prime 4 is said to be 497mm in depth. I do not have it physicaly so i cant measure it myself, but what is the distance between the feet of prime 4 looking from side? I mean this

The reason i ask is obvious i hope: can i lay it on such a 48cm deep table with all feet standing securely? Thanks a lot!!!

My Prime4 is in a Magma flightcase. When I use it, I simply put the flightcase on the Quick Lok, which further increases stability. The flight exceeds about 8 cms at the front and rear, but it is absolutely not embarrassing. It is very stable and very robust. Tip: Between the flight and the Quick Lok, I put a small soft vinyl mat bought on Amazon that I cut to size, so it absolutely doesn’t slip. What I don’t like about your model is that it can tip over and fall forward or backward. On the Quick Lok, the position of the feet prevents any tipping

Thanks for all the information provided, i realy appreciate it :slight_smile: Is there anyone who could send me the lenght distance of the feet please? Thanks so much to everyone!!


What’s up @Skart,

See my reply to your other post about the Prime 4 measurements. In that I referenced my DJ Pedestal. This might be overkill for your needs, but I use this pedestal for mobile gigs and at home. The height is 3ft (94.44cm). I’m a little over 6-foot tall and it places the Prime 4 platters right at my belt line.

Mine is made by Harmony Case but you’ll find the same from Odyssey and others.

Good luck!

Hello, Is there anyone who could send me the lenght distance of the feet please according to the picture? its from side view. Thanks so much to everyone willing to spend a minute for me !! :slight_smile:


What’s up @Skart

It’s 16 1/8 inches (feet)

17 inches (body)

Hey, thanks so much for the reply! I am just a bit confused :slight_smile: I am metric, not imperial, so i just used google to covert. To compare, i used your body lenght, which equals 432mm, but according to official denon specs, it should be 497mm. So not sure if the lenght i requested is converted properly by me? Thanks for explanation! :slight_smile:

I’m getting a measurement of slighty under 41cm (feet), and slight over 43cm (body).

May I ask why do you need the measurements? Building a cabinet, etc.

Thats realy strange… thats from official denon site:


So it realy should be 497mm deep. Something is off… The reason i ask is because i want to buy a dj table which is 48cm in depth. And i need to know if the feet would stand on the table with full surface if you catch my drift… thats why i ask about the feet, not the body

497 includes the protruding knobs on the front and the screen protruding at the rear when folded flat.

As a point of reference for you, I have my Prime 4 on a DJ pedestal which is 17.5 inch deep (44.45cm) which is +3cm shorter than what you’re looking at. You’ll be fine!

Good luck

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Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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