Any setting to make new cue point (at the hot cue point) after activating hot cue?

After activating a hot cue, I’m used to the cue point then moving to that hot cue point. In other words:

step 1: hit a hot cue and track plays from that point step 2: hit Cue and then I want the track to go back to the hot cue point (not to where the cue point was before)

Is there a way to make this happen with the Prime 4, please? Hope I’ve explained it ok. Thanks!

I think you mean like a smart cue similar to what is available on the Opus?

Not something you can do in Engine as far as im aware.

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To be honest, I should have probably put this topic in software.

In Rekordbpx and VirtualDJ, it automatically sets the cue point whenever you activate a hot cue, which makes so much sense really. I’m surprised/disappointed if it can’t be done in Engine

Oh look, I wasn’t aware that Stu-C has a brother :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the way Engine handles the temporary Cue vs Hot Cue could indeed be optimized or get an option for a smart-cue-like behavior. This sounds like a feature request, go to the request section and open a topic for that. I will probably add my vote, too.

Afaik there are some (Hot) Cue related requests already existing, maybe some of these can be implemented/improved combined in a future release. Personally, I really miss chronological Cues from Serato DJ. It was quite convenient. The standard colors are also not optimal (slot 7 and 8 are hard to see on the waveforms).


Moin @Stu-ckk,

if I understood you properly, you want first set a hot cue and later set at the same postion the cue. After done this you want to delete the hot cue (or not).

It take some experience and so pls act as follows (if we talk about the P4):

Have a look into your manual:

Tick Profile (jump to page 65) to the item Cues /loops

how to handle the cue is described on page 8 item 28 as follows:

Mostly (99,99999 %) I combined hot cue with loop (auto loop)

To jump back to your HotCue you only have to hit it (hit more than once or several times, you are able to stutter)

But pls be patient with yourself and train.

I hope, these advise may assist you a little.

Enjoy your training and brgds BeatMaster

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Hey man, thanks a lot for your response.

You’re right, using the momentary option for Hot Cues does provide a workaround - thank you! But it will take a bit of getting used to that pressing a Hot Cue doesn’t continuously play the track - as you said, I’ll have to train my procedural memory for this one.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Moin @Stu_ckk,

fine :innocent:

I’m glad to assist you a little bit and you are welcome

Brgds BeatMaster

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