Any Help About Opening Denon Prime inside for button replacement?

If somebody have experience to open the prime 4 or similar, and have some advices in the better way to do it, jog wheels, or any other point please let us know, im about to open mine to try to fix, change and eventualy replace the cue buttons on my prime 4. Gracias!

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Hi. Which buttons do you want to replace?


Hi, i want to replace the CUE and PLAY buttons, im on the way to finde them and the right model to order them, you know the right model number?

Hi. Unfortunately, I will not help. In my P4, I only cleaned the buttons on the left deck after accidentally spilling Coca Cola on New Year’s Eve. Look here: Shop By Brand - Denon Audio and DJ Parts - Denon DJ Prime 4 - Spare Parts - Instrumental Parts - Pro Audio Spare Parts

did you have to remove all the screws on the back?

Did the repair go well? no particular difficulty in dismantling the machine?