Any first hand experience with SC5000 (M) and Pioneer mixer

Hey guys!

So, I have just had confirmation I have secured a new club residency!

They have a Pioneer DJM-900NXS as the mixer.

I use 2x SC5000Ms (usually with my X1800).

Due to space and the fact that I will need to hand over half way through to the other resident who uses the club mixer and club CDJ 2000NXSs I will need to run my SC5000Ms through the DJM.

Does anyone have any first-hand experience of this? How does it perform? Any tips or tricks?

I am going to borrow a friend’s mixer to play with, but just want an idea before I go in.


I did such things a lot, because of touring with my SC’s some times or due to stage requirements. It will work as usually, just to make it easy - plug in CDJ’s on the line inputs, and use digital for SC5000’s - less cables to care about and only thing is to switch on the mixer the input channels to select what player You use. Also an option to use 2 decks on channels 1, 4. And 2 other decks on channels 2 & 3. All depends on how it will be comfortable for You and your friend.

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That’s my home setup. What would ya like to know?

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Ohhhhh, great news!

So, with my X1800 I have them running on the LAN switch at the back, with this setup, I will only be able to network the SC5000Ms directly together.

I know I will lose the auto BPM on effects, is this easy to work around with tap? Is there anything obvious that you can think works differently doing it like this? (if you’ve used the X1800 of course).

DJM’s auto bpm detect for FX is second to none. You will be fine. Its quick and accurate…for popular styles/genres


Oh hold up, so if I use the switch they have and connect in, will the DJM be able to pull out the data from the switch like the X1800 does, even if it’s “Denon Data” being sent?

Secondly, how does that play if I have some CDJ 2000NXS2 connected to the switch? Does that cause issues?

(Maybe one for me to lab!)

No, the DJM won’t pic data from the Denon players (BPM and grid). The internal BPM counter will do it based on input signal, like playing from vynil. BPM detector in DJM’s is very good.

In theory Both CDJ’s and SC’s should work from the same switch, but you don’t have a single reason to do it, they won’t share data. Just plug your SC’s directly with a single lan cable and avoid problems.


Just hold down the Tap button and Turn the time knob to adjust the FX BPM on DJM mixers.