Any dj out there still using this?

Hello dj’s how are you? Hope all is well. I wanted to know if any dj out there still using the MC6000MK2 dj controller w/serato dj pro on a MacBook pro?

I have the MCX8000, and it’s great to use but the dj booth in the venue I dj at is small. so I was interested in purchasing a smaller controller. Any advice is appreciated and also a heads up I boycott pioneer a long time ago. Thanks in advance,


I owned one and it’s a good unit. Funny enough I owned the McX8000 (dodgy batch) and bought the 6000Mk2 as a back up.

The layout is pre-performance pad era, so you have to be really switched on using it. Often I paired it with the DDJ SP1. I sold it after a while and got the SR2 for my quick set up and play bar gigs.

The jogwheels are small…I scratched on it though.

The filters are oddly placed as well.

I loved the sound of it.

Built like a tank.

thank you for your response mufasa, yes by the way I also own the ddi-sp1 the sub controller for serato. I used for awhile but then I saw the full dj controllers and was totally turned on to it.

but my I have a question maybe you can suggest something for me. I’m looking for dj controller that is small for use at a gig the has a small dj booth knowing that a small dj booth there is no room to fit the mcx8000 in. something small with full features like the mcx8000 and to use with serato dj pro. let me know

take care dj evon

What’s your budget? What features do you absolutely require in the unit.

In terms of that size of controllers, it’s hit or miss with folks reporting various issues on the Serato forum

Numark NS6 II looks good on paper as well

Primo seems to be getting decent reviews from working DJs.

The MC6000MK2 is good but no performance pads. It has quality mic section as well.

SR2 I own this, no play head jog wheel indicator and the mic has no eq or tone adjust. Light, I’ve flown to many destination events with it and it even fits Flybe’s criminal carry on dimension. Long haul I bury it under some clothes and check it in.

DJ 505 - heard lots of reports about the jog wheels becoming unresponsive when scratching.

ok but does denon still provide firmware/driver updates for the mc6000mk2?

MC6000MKII is class compliant on macOS . No extra drivers needed. Plug and Play.

I also own other smaller controllers too I have the Allen & heath xone x1 but I don’t wanna map stuff in the midi panel I also have akai amx and afx but the volume on the amx is weak.

Would the MC4000 be an option? It’s two-channel and thus has better room (the 6000s are cramped, although the mk2 layout is a bit better than the mk1 was) to work with. It’s more “up to date”, with multi-colored pads, clear FX sections at the top.

The 6000, imho, was -at the time- the ultimate mobile DJ controller. Great mic integration, you could drop it from 6 stories high, great sound. I think if I didn’t really need 4 deck mixing, I’d prefer a 4000 to a 6000 in venues.

The 4000 is almost an inch wider than the 6000, but if a 6000 fits, so will a 4000 :-).

My 3 cents as usual.

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cool thanks dj vintage.