Any chance of a 2 Channel Prime mixer?

Do you think there’s any chance of a more compact Prime mixer? The X1800 is a big, heavy tank of overkill for someone like me who lugs gear around all the time and generally only needs 2 channels for many gigs.

If one Denon player can manage two layers then 1x player + a 2 channel mixer could make for quite a compelling entry point combination. It would give those of us in the Prime ecosystem some more flexibility to shrink our setup when called for. It would make layered playback even more of a differentiator.

A Rane 72-esque size mixer with 3x ethernet hub and all the obv. prime integration. Rather than duplicating any pad functions from Sc5000 they could use the space to add more expressive FX. Heck, if the mixer had a display that showed us the stacked waveforms of both layers of a single player, that’d be pretty handy!

I don’t mind paying top whack for a premium 2 channel mixer. I just don’t need to carry around a huge tank and for pop-up gigs, I’d like the option to fit into a smaller footprint.

Since Pioneer has DJM-450 and lower tier products, we can hope DenonDJ will soon update the X600 mixer in the Prime form (as you said, 3port LAN hub, updated FX, no HID screen or dedicated midi buttons for software) with price around $500 ($700 if with SDJ support)

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When looking for a travel mixer to hold me over in the mean time I was surprised so few 2 channel mixers come with proper booth outputs, particularly Pioneer. Just because I want compact doesn’t mean I want low-end execution!

Frankly I would spend the same amount as the X1800 costs now on a slick-as-hell 2 Channel mixer that integrated perfectly in Prime.

I tell ya X1800 is now permanently $999.00. That’s hard to beat!

Hard to beat, maybe, but alongside two sc5000ms, the X1800 may well slowly beat my spine into dust! I’d prefer a slightly lighter, smaller footprint and If it’s well executed/integrated I’m happy to pay gooooood money.

X1800 is £1350 in the UK last time I checked so sadly not as good as deal as the US has

If they integrated Soundswitch and had dedicated controls, that’d be pretty awesome!

They just mace that announcement on pricing today so might take a bit of time for online retailers to adjust pricing. But opinion on saving back noted! :stuck_out_tongue:

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