Announcing The LC6000 PRIME Performance Expansion Controller!

Hi Everyone,

Today we’re very excited to introduce a new product into the Prime Series product family, the LC6000 PRIME. Designed to provide a dedicated control surface to the secondary layer of our Dual-Layer Media Players, but also serve as a professional control surface for Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, and Algoriddim djay Pro AI. Without a doubt, the LC6000 is the most versatile DJ controller available offering cross-platform plug-and-play compatibility.


Inheriting the same DNA from the ultimate club experience SC6000 PRIME, the Denon DJ LC6000 PRIME is the world’s most versatile DJ controller. Bringing professional club-style layout, design, and control to both standalone and laptop-based DJ workflows.

Fort Lauderdale FL, USA (27th April 2021) - Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and innovation, today announced the introduction of their new LC6000 PRIME Performance Expansion Controller. With the same look, design, and feel, as the flagship SC6000 Media Player, the versatile LC6000 gives DJs professional hardware control for the second dual-layer audio output, unlocking Engine OS powered Media Players full potential when controlling the secondary layer. Showing its true versatility, the LC6000 PRIME is the ultimate DJ Controller for compatible DJ applications, giving DJs professional hardware control in their setup.

The stunning full-size 8.5” jog wheel, multi-function performance pads, 100mm dual-precision pitch fader, and navigation control grants the DJ more power and ease to be creative in the mix. Powered and activated with just a single USB connection, the LC6000 PRIME gives ‘plug and play’ a whole new meaning in the DJ booth. Connect one or multiple units to customize your setup and EXPAND YOUR CREATIVITY.


Denon DJ has the only media player on the market that offers dual-layer playback with independent outputs for each layer. The LC6000 PRIME adds physical control over the second layer, making it easier than ever to perform using just one media player.


The LC6000’s plug-and-play connectivity with DJ software, provides the ultimate club experience over one or multiple software decks, further expanding creative possibilities for the professional DJ.

Compatible with Virtual DJ, Algoriddim djay Pro AI & Serato DJ Pro.


At the heart of the LC6000 PRIME is a full-size 8.5”, capacitive touch jog wheel that features a high-definition central display. This color display shows track artwork or a custom DJ logo, layered with play head position and other essential performance information.


Completing the creative toolset, the LC6000 PRIME has 8 robust multi-function performance pads offering Hot Cue, Loop, Roll, and Slicer for enhanced creativity and remixing ‘on-the-fly’. Alongside this, the LC6000 has a dedicated loop section and navigation control, giving DJs complete and confident control of their performance.

Key Features

  • Dedicated sub-layer control for SC6000, SC6000M, SC5000, SC5000M Media Players
  • Controller for compatible applications: Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, and Algoriddim djay Pro AI
  • Familiar look and feel from Denon DJ’s flagship SC6000 Media Player
  • 8.5" jog wheel with tension adjust
  • HD color jog wheel display
  • (8) Multi-function performance pads
  • Dedicated loop control
  • Dedicated navigation control
  • 100mm dual-precision pitch fader
  • Pitch Bend buttons
  • Needle drop touch strip
  • USB Powered, Plug & Play

Price / Availability

  • $699 [US]
  • €699.99 [EU]
  • £599.99 [UK]

Available globally in Q2-2021.

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Ok I’ll be the first to say it …how much! :astonished:

Well I was going to grab one of these to control the second layer of my SC5000. But at £600!! …I might as well look out for a 2nd hand SC5000


Yes, quite expensive. I was hoping they were also compatible with Prime 4, but they are not.


Nice review!!!


$900 in Canada! despite the cost to manufacture one of these, that price is just too high for a single control surface. Second hand SC5000 is definitely the way to go considering I paid $1299 for a brand new SC5000.

Cool add-on to the Engine setup but not worth the price IMO. Sorry :frowning:

*when I say single, I realize I can control another layer/deck in a software but it is still “hands on one deck at a time”.

–Same store in Canada selling the LC6000 for $900 has the SC5000 on sale for $1199 :expressionless:

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“Performance Expansion Controller”

Now DJs can have pecs :wink:


Can’t you use it for later a, or does it only work for layer b?

Only for layer B. The top screens (default A-B) can be switched to B-A, to match the placement of the LC to the SC, by holding Shift+Layer for a few seconds.

let’s give them some time :wink: if they’ll manage that, 'll buy me 1 fo sho!

I was more concerned about mixer routing. I’d prefer to have the LC’s on the outside and have the mixer layout match. Logically, it’s easier for your mind to go A-B-B-A instead of B-A-A-B. Maybe in a future update?

Also, Engine OS does not currently remember your later swap setting in dual layer mode. So you need to swap the layers every time. It’s actually why I stopped using dual layer mode on the players. I want to just power up and mix.

I saw some expected questions about a motorized version in the YouTube comments.

Flex move by denon will be to allow the Rane Twelves to control the layer B…that will be some move.


Unusually for me, I’m going to defend the pricing on this (at least the UK pricing).

SC6000 is currently retailing for £1200-1300 so the LC6000 is less than half which I think is about fair.

Not personally for me though as I have no problems with 1-deck mixing and have 2 SC5000’s anyway but I don’t think the pricing is too out there.

I’ve had a few hours to mull this over, & I don’t think i’ve changed my opinion.

I really like the product, & it’s pretty much everything I expected it to be. It would be fantastically useful to me both as a 2nd layer controller & if they ever certify it (fingers crossed) a Traktor controller with my Z2 mixer.

Unfortunately I think it’s overpriced by about £200 for what’s essentially a box of switches & a jog wheel.


That. Currently have a Rane Twelve mk2 sitting alongside my mixer just begging to be used with my sc6000m.

That is a little high. It will probably reach here by sept/oct time.

Wow, I expected it to retail for like $500 to $550…$700 is pricey for a controller. Ughh, I’m torn. I REALLY want one of these, but I just don’t feel it’s worth half the price of a full unit. I’ve already made my calls and the cheapest I could get it for was $630. That’s still too expensive in my opinion.

It can reach here next year for all I care…At $900 it is a hard pass for me :joy:

I think this controller is gonna do well just because it’s a missing link in the controller market.

Looks like algoriddim is getting a lot of attention nowadays and I like that inmusic now makes hardware working with iOS dj software.

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Quite expensive here in Australia. $1250. I can get a brand new sc5000m to partner my sc6000m for $1500. Easy choice based on those prices.