Analyzing tracks stuck after a while... solution?

Hi, I’ve installed last version of Engine PRIME both on macOS as in windows but I’ve same issue:

After copied my 2 directories (videos and audios) into the software, it starts to analyze the tracks. With mp3 audio seems not problem but when it starts with video directory it stall at 3400 tracks, after already analyzed about 600, and not go on…

If I put the SD in my Prime Go the inside search engine find them but perhaps the songs not are correctly analyzed for bpm and beat grid.

How can I solve?

Thank you

I don’t know, from your post whether the tracks analyse gets 600 tracks in or 3400 tracks in ?

Doesn’t matter. It’s probably that one or more of your tracks is corrupt. We don’t get to play every track in large libraries so a wonky track could sit in out collections for decades without us even attempting a load, play or preview, sitting there like digital land mines waiting for Auto-analysis Or auto-something else to trip over it.

The two ways of spotting wonky tracks are:

1 listen to/watch every song you own

2 the “half’s” principle…

Let’s say you got 4000 videos :

Make a copy of the 4000 tracks onto a new drive

Make two folders - A and B - put 2000 tracks in A and the other 2000 tracks in the B folder

Analyse each of those folders, if there’s only one wonky track then either A will fail or B will fail

Whichever folder fails, split it’s tracks into two folders of 1000 tracks each … maybe C and D

Analyse C and D, one will fail … split the folder that fails into two folders, E and F each with 500 tracks in… etc

This way you can narrow down the duff track

If you’ve got more than one diff track, this method still works, but obviously takes longer. Simply add a folder called “Worked” and move all folders which completed analysis into that “worked” folder. Eventually you’ll end up with all the duff tracks outside the “worked” folder

Hi thank you for answer.

My tracks are all working. I use them above all in virtual dj with mc7000 (my main setup), for this I cannot do other 1000 directories. Moreover if I load one track not analyzed in engine prime, my prime go play it normally, so no tracks are corrupted… maybe is engine prime should be optimized.

Virtual dj analyze all them in few seconds with no problem also play .mov files, engine not.

So probably I’ve just to wait engine prime become better. Meanwhile I’ll play all my tracks without analyze… anyway the most of them have a wrong bpm in prime so I play them with pitch.

I just would know if it’s happened only to me or to other videomixers

You’re trying to use video files with Engine Prime and the Prime Go?

The Prime hardware and software is designed for playing audio files. The supported file types are listed in the manuals.

You’ve watched every single track, all the way through?

Just because some pc software plays them doesn’t mean they are not corrupt.

Dividing the collection as a test will take time. If you’re not charging for your performances then you don’t need to spend any time to check any files

As you can see in manuale and prime go specifics, they can manage mp4 :wink:

So all your video files are MP4? You did not mention anything about the format of your files.

I play in all Dj software (vdj, serato, traktor) and in prime go… only engine prime go cannot analyze them… I think is engine prime the “bit of software pc” that not read them perfectly, if is this the issue…

I’ve listed in engine prime all songs that are not analyzed so they have not bpm (or on right click on mouse is lighted the voice “analyze it” and not “re-analyzed” as it compares in already analyzed songs) and tried them directly on prime go.

The consolle find them in search engine and play correctly since the start to the end.

All my tracks are mp3 and mp4

Anyway, if some tracks are not compatible with engine primed analyzing software, it should just skip them and report errors at the end, not just stuck… as ANY software of all kind do… IT teachs 🤷

It will be lovely if we can get a corrupt file identification in engine prime.

If engine prime encounters a corrupt file it should just show them, skip them and continue with analysis.

User can later fix the corrupt files at their own convenience.

Serato has such function and I requested it here.

@lucabshow can you run your library through serato and see if any corrupt files show up as a work around.

You can uncheck all the bpm and key settings in the analysis options.


I’m agree with you about feedback for engine but I do not use serato, I’ve just tried it when I got by mc7000 but honestly I don’t re install it just to see this, above all ‘couse I’ve no problem with my main setup with vdj.

Anyway, if engine prime will do as you have suggested should be very nice!

VDJ is quite robust with its tolerance. It will play the most corrupt file without issues.

I’m not asking you to switch to serato, it’s just that serato has a built in corrupt file identification feature.

It will even tell you what is wrong with the file.

That way you can automatically detect the corrupt files in your current library and fix it.

  • If you decide to install serato.

  • Drag your music folder :file_folder: to serato

  • Click the little settings wheel beside the analysis tab, uncheck BPM and Key.

  • Now click analyse entire library.

  • When it’s complete

  • Sort your library by the very first column in serato

  • Your corrupt files will have a lightening icon.


DO NOT connect your 7000 to the laptop. This has to be done without any hardware connected.

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Although the request is very good, and the request was entered many months ago, it could be months or even years before the feature gets added to Engine prime, if at all.

It might be worth you thinking of an alternative way of identifying and moving those corrupt files off into their own crate, or own memory pen drive. Once you identify some of them, you might be able to spot a common link - like maybe videos over a certain file size or longer than a certain duration, videos bought from a certain source or copies from a particular mate etc, videos of a certain audio setting etc - that might then let you identify all of the similar problem files

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Ok, maybe I’ll install it on my iMac and try.


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