Analyzing tracks on engine.

Is there an easier way to analyze my tracks? I wish there was a button or tge auto analyze actually worked. Maybe im doing some wrong. I notice i have to create a collection in order to get tracks to analyze.

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Are you using Engine DJ to analyze? Using that seems to work best for me.

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If you just drag the desired files into the Engine Desktop app then it should analyze everything automatically? :blush:

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If this is enabled in the settings.


Yes, you need to make sure the option to analyze is selected in the settings, otherwise it’s just creating a database. Engine Desktop is a bit quirky in how you import tracks into the ‘library’, and it doesn’t help that there also isn’t a capability to just right click on an existing drive with only music on it and tell it to create a database and/or analyze the tracks there without involvement of a ‘library’.

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