Analyzing Folder in USB and keeping original track set order?

Hi, I know there might be a simple answer on how to do this but I just cannot seem to find it. So I have a dj set of tracks on my USB Flash Drive. I want to analyze them in the Engine DJ Software so I can then transfer them to my Prime 4 as a playlist. However, when I analyzed the folder within my USB Flash Drive with the Engine DJ software, it analyzed the tracks but now they are not in the order I had them in the folder on the USB Flash Drive. I know I can just reorder them when on the Prime 4 System but it seems a lot more leg work and extra time spent and maybe I am doing something wrong that could simplify the process so I can keep the original order of the track after they have been analyzed with the Engine DJ Software program. Did that make any sense at all?

The question is: what was the principle of sorting the files in your folder? Maybe they were in alphabetical order with the file name? Or in order of date? :thinking:

You can simply change the sort order with Engine DJ Desktop (not on the console), save that list using the “play order” field and from then on that list will always be sorted that way. On your Prime 4 you can select the sort order by BPM, key, title, etc. But you can also select sorting by “Play order” which will be the manual sorting you did to your playlist. I hope I made myself clear?