Analyze and prepare streamed Beatport tracks

Hi there, this might be a question already a million times asked but seems I can’t find any meaningful answers online.

Is there a possibility to analyze tracks that come from streaming sources like Beatport? With analyzing I mean setting own cue points and other information in the tracks? And where can you save/store these tracks?

Many thanks!


Hi, so Engine will not store the actual sound files hut it will store analysis along with cues/loops in your library. Depending on the machine you are using that could be the SSD or SD card/USB.

You have to open them once on the device then place the cue points etc and it will store them normally. Next time when you want to play the track again the information will be there after the file is downloaded. Hope that helps.

If you actually add the track to your prepare list in Engine OS, it’ll start downloading it without you having to play it. Nothing you can do with Engine DJ to prepare streamed tracks though I think.