Analysis in 3.2.0 - Double BPMs

I have noticed a lot of tracks were reanalyzed with the wrong BPM in 3.2.0.

Primarily instrumental, rock, hip-hop, pop, and RNB tracks with original bpm around 70-80bpm are now 150.

Does anyone have the same experience with the latest update? Must say analysis was quite good in past versions now.

It could be that the analysis is now more sensitive to the BPM range selected in the settings, did you try selecting a range and doing a re-analysis on the tracks in question?

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I have the same problem, but “vice versa”. I.E. Some fast songs Bbm are shown to be 70-80. For example Scooters first two albums…

What happens if you switch the BPM range before analysing them?

This was it,thanks.

I changed the bbm range and scooter is back in the 160+bbm!

So 1 problem solved.

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