Analysing in Engine prime.

Hi all,

So my new Prime 4 arrived today but to prepare for it I downloaded engine prime and ran all my tracks through it to analyse them as I’m used to traktor pro and an S4 and thought it might behave like that. So long story short I’ve left my laptop on all night analysing my tracks and then copied them on to my USB stick. My problem is that even though I’ve done this, when I load any of these tracks on to a deck, it analyses which takes about 30 seconds. What have I done wrong? If I’ve already analysed on engine prime, why is the prime 4 re analysing when loading tracks?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Traktor stores analyzed info in the tag of each file while other softwares create a database.

If you want Prime 4 to be able to read that analyzed info you need to export your analyzed files in the Engine Prime onto a usb stick, not just copy/paste the files.

Please, please, read your Prime 4 manual and watch Engine Prime tutorials on youtube because the workflow is very different and you don’t seem to know the basics.

Thank you for the info. I only got it 8 hours ago and was eager to get on and start mixing lol :+1:t2: Currently laid in bed reading the manual. Thanks!

How did you export the tracks to the USB?