Analyse track info in SC6000?

Hi everyone,

New member to the forum. Just got my SC6000 and X1850 bundle this week and tinkering about with them this week. I have previously been a Rekordbox, Pioneer user.

Does anyone know how to analyse track info (ones that you know are wrong keys or bpms) and how to add in comments and such on the SC6000s?

Thanks in advance.


On the sc6000 hardware itself You can slide the beatgrid left and right to get the first beat to line up and you can double and halve the bpm.

Any other changes need to be done pre-gig or post-gig using engine prime on a computer


Thank you, I’ve not downloaded Prime yet for my laptop. I will do that tonight. Is that where you can add comments and everything else?

Yes, from the computer software, not decks.

Note that Engine Prime [(*EP) & **Engine OS] will keep and use metadata info. This means, if your files have BPM, KEY, etc. in the metadata, this info will trump the software.

There are also videos for importing your RB library to EP. I am not the right guy to help with that but plenty of RB users here.

Welcome and good luck.

*Engine PRIME = PC/Mac Software for music management.

**Engine OS = Operating System on Prime Family products (SC5000/M, SC6000/M, Prime 2/4, etc.)


If you had an iPhone or Android you can use the rekordbox apps to do it also as per here

Then one can use ep on a laptop to refine their collection for Denon’s ecosystem if needed.

Hope this helps the op.