Analize musics on internal disk

Hi, I both a prime 4, already install the last firmware (1.3.2) and install a internal disk sata 1T format in Fat32 with my colection of music (about 400GB of music in subfolders); When navigating the disc, I can access the folders and load the songs on decks but when i search for names of songs in the internal disk the prime 4 dont show any music! I dont understand what have to do! How do I scan the internal disk and add the disc songs to the Prime 4 database!?

Tanks for your atention Best Regards

For this moment: connect your Prime 4 to PC/laptop and add tracks to your collection in Engine Prime on Windows/Mac. Engine Prime will recognize your drive as an external drive. Once added you can search and uses crates etc.

I really hope that Denon adds an automatic indexing feature for the search database in the units itself in upcoming future. Further analysis can be done once track is loaded.

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