Am I allowed to post link to cables (selling UK)?

Hi. I know not routinely allowed but I have tried on FB & Ebay but with not much luck in selling 23 IEC (C13) cables. Isn’t surprising because outside of DJing, nobody will want to purchase 23 cables & hence why I’m requesting if I could just share my ebay link here?

I am leaving the UK & heading to Europe but want to take all my DJ gear with me. I therefore need to replace all my 3-pin power cables with 2-pin cables. From 10m speaker cables to short Prime 4 & smoke machine cables, I have many because I also had backup cables.

I won’t post the link until I hear back from admin. If not allowed, then simply lock the thread.


The forum isn’t a market place, so if other members would be interested after your post above, they could simply DM you for further details. :wink:

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Ok, fair enough. If anyone wants to buy 23 IEC cables (with UK plugs), then please DM me for link to ebay listing. If nothing else, an ideal backup set :grin:

Contact a local venue or nightclub and i’m sure they would be happy to re-home them.