Alternative to Phillips Smart Light Systems?

Does anyone know if other systems like Govee smart lights will work with Engine Lighting or does it have to be Phillips Hue?


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For now it had to be Philips hue or a DMX light.

If I remember it correctly, the DMX light application is working for most modern wifi light bulbs. Last year, I bought some of them to get a proper atmosphere in my house and found an excellent proposition of great light bulbs produced in Europe for 17.99$(2-pack). They are still working and never had any problem setting their colour, and they are consuming a much lesser amount of electricity than the normal bulbs. I don’t know why, but my electricity bills were lowered by 10% after purchase.

I am curious if emulating Hue lights through diyhue would work, and if it did, whether it’d be any good in terms of responsiveness. Someone tried and didn’t have success