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Hello All. Just wondered If anyone is using an Allen & Heath mixer with SC6000’s. My x1850 is an ok mixer, but wanted something abit better…maybe a db4, any thoughts folks???

Out of curiosity - which parts of the mixer would you like to be better? :blush:

My take is, the SC-6000s are just as functional on any mixer, so buy one that feels right for you.

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I jumped from x1800 to Xone 96. No regrets. Works and sounds amazingly. I love butter smooth faders on xone96. This mixer is a pure pleasure to play. Nevertheless I am waiting for a new version of denon mixer as well. There was nothing wrong with my x1800. But getting a new mixer was a part of the upgrade from sc500 to sc6000 setup.

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I have a XONE96 & X1850. I prefer the XONE96, it has definitely a better build quality and better sound. I only have gripe with the X1850 and it’s the poor line faders, but IMHO that’s not really out of the norm for a mixer below a certain price point.

Is it the resistance or the actual fader-button you dislike on the x1850? I quite enjoy it - definitely a step up from my old DJM. But I admit I’ve never tried others than Pioneer and Denon, so quite curious what you find better on the xone :blush: definitely loving my x1850 though :blush:

Most deejays are used to playing on Alps faders or better on equipment at gigs. For someone first starting out with a pro setup, the X18xx faders are fine, but they dont feel well compared to others. They wear greatly over time, the stems bend super easy, due to the way the mixer is built, if a fader dies, there’s no way to replace just that fader or just the fader section, and yeah the stock resistance is a bit weird. Its not firm, but not loose either. just some weird middle of the ground amount of the resistance which doesnt translate well when switching to other mixers.

Im not saying the 1850 is a bad mixer at all, it alright, but ive already run into trouble with the channel faders going silent when at full and from what I understand its not a simple fix. I dont use a whole load of effects probably delay echo and reverb but not a great deal, the rest of the beat effects are rubbish in my opinion. I have a spare few quid burning a hole so though of going with xone 96, was just asking if anyone has that set up and how it is

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Get the DB4.

It’s the fact they’re low quality Asian faders which is soldered onto the PCB horizontal board, compared to an ALPS fader mounted on a vertical PCB with a dust cap on the fader opening.


Gotcha, thanks :blush:

AFAIK Alps is manufactured in Japan. I don’t think calling out “Asian” parts is communicating what you want to communicate.


I’m on a Xone 92 with SC5000 and it’s a dream. Sound quality is ridiculous. I miss effects but trying to work with external effects to make up for it. Very glad I made the switch.

Ok, so got a xone 96 today… played around this evening for a couple of hours. All I can say is, that its next level. The sound quality the way everything feels. Took me a little while to understand the filters and how to use them properly, but sounds so good once it clicks. Next stage is to get me some effects units and how to properly set them up. Sorry, but expext some additional questions about how to link up a quad pad and some pedals.



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