Allow user to change Waveform height

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Could you guys also have a look at implementing the possibility of changing the waveform height?

On a 4k display it is way to small to set cues, loops etc. Being able to manually change the size would be appreciated.



also I’d be nice to zoom in when adjusting grids.

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I love it when EP analyzes a track and selects the height of the waveform based on how loud the music is. This way you always have the maximum height possible on the waveform for any given song. Why would you want to change the height? I do agree with Abraxo though, there is the option to change the zoom of the waveforms in the Preferences but that’s not quick enough for when we are doing small adjustments to the grid or cues.

Why do you want to change the height? Because it is way too small :joy: … On a 4k display the waveform is like 1/15th kf the total display. I have a 32inch 4K and the waveform is only like 3cm high…

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Shouldn’t this be something that a 4K graphics card can resolve with a compatibility mode or user option to set particular applications to run at particular resolutions.

The “I’ve got a 4K” is sort of saying “I’ve got a bike that can do 3 times the speed limit, why can’t everything else speed up so I don’t have to slow down “

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This had nothing to do with brag like you mentioned in your unedited/original post… It is just modern GUI design. This has nothing to do with compatibility modes or application specific resolution settings. This has all to do with proper HDI design and with nothing else …

Ps : If apple or microsoft would design their user interface like this the earths rotation would probably stop and evryone would be complaining…