Allen&heath master vu meter


A question that has me in suspense. Could someone explain to me what meaning Allen & Heath wants to give to many of their mixing consoles, when pressing the cue button for a channel switches the master VU meter to that channel? For me it is a problem, since I lose control of the output by the master if it could be clipping, while i am preparing the next track by the cue of a channel, or I am mixing with headphones with 2 tracks through cue.


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Allen & heath system is the best. If you don’t press any cues, what shows is the sum of the signals from all channels, with faders up, (master output level) BEFORE final master gain knob. If you press cue, what shows is the sum of cued channels - very handy, as if you press cue on two or more channels, you know, in the current gain/eq knob position, if it will clip before putting your fader up. Have in mind that the “master” leds on Pio and other mixer don’t mean much; you’ll never know if “0db” is realy “0db” as main output have internal attenuation. It may be a “guide” but not a realistic output level. Sorry for the weird english I’m from Brazil

Thank you very much for the clear and precise explanation @rcatelli .

It all makes sense now.

A cordial greeting.

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