ALL White Prime 4? Any Truth?

Saw this on @getinthemixuk on IG. Check it:

Can anyone from Denon confirm?

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Expected stock - 23rd November.

That does look rather nice in white!

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I know. The contrast with the screen is very nice looking.

Looks amazing!

Love white :sunglasses:


Looks nice!!!

There was also a white SC5000+X1800 combo spotted in 2017 but sadly wasn’t released to the market.

For UK market only. Don’t find european stores

I’m expecting someone to ask for a firmware update either to make their black Prime 4 white … or saying that when they’re DJing in well lit locations, their poor eyes are dazzled and hurt by the glare of the white casing (which they’ll insist will be an easy thing to fix on the very next firmware update lol)

In fact it seems that version 2.0.2 will have the possibility to select the color of the box of your console in RGBW! Those settings will be stored in the user profile.

:joy: :rofl: :joy:


It’ll be called the Prime Chameleon….


Perfect for all the Goldilocks DJs … (this ones not white enough, this ones too white, this ones juiuuuuust right ) lol

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I’m concerned about getting the damn software stable not the color.


At least DenonDJ is not (yet) on the cringe level of Pioneer releasing a PR statement that they have a “new” model in sale? :grimacing:

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I’m a little (only little) miffed. I just bought my Prime4 a month ago and there is now a better version out!

Yes, white is better IMHO :slight_smile:

One of the Irish shops is advertising it, looks pretty sweet.

When and where will this be available to order from in the USA??

Musicians Friend & Guitar Center have them in stock.

Thanks, just found out that this is an EXCLUSIVE Guitar Center item!

Nope, I can buy it in Europe in many shops… Not exclusive to one shop only…