All Sweep FX lights are constantly lit

All of my sweep FX lights are constantly lit. It’s hard to tell which one is active at any moment. Is anyone else having this same issue?

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What hardware are you using ?

If the Prime 4+ then it’s a known issue, search the forum for more info


It is the Prime 4 +. I searched around and couldn’t find anything on the sweep FX lights. I will search around again. Thanks!

It’s a known hardware issue. I see the same thing on the SC6000 with the sync master and key LED’s. :frowning:


I’ve got a Prime 4+ and it’s very hard to see which effect is selected. They all look on, with the actually selected one just a tad brighter, but often have to cup the area with my hand to see the difference.

Easiest way is to turn sweep knob on another channel so the selected FX button flashes. Not great system though!

Is that something that could be corrected with software update or is it hardware?

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Inmusic should add 40 dimmer options in the user preference menu - each with two options :

• Play button: illumination level when OFF (0 to 10)

• Play button: illumination level when ON (0 to 10)

I was going change the maximum number to 128 coz, we can be certain that someone somewhere will say that the difference between 63 and 64 is incredibly noticeable and ruins their night, hurts their eyes, was a rookie mistake which shouldn’t have made it past product launch, is something that other brand X or other software Y has done for years, etc but hey… let’s be sensible lol

Actually let’s double the number of dimmed settings on each button from the two above, to four…. So that the on level and the off level can be independently adjusted in day mode and differently in night mode

Just got my P4+ and noticed the same thing. Hopefully this will be fixed in next firmware update!