All quiet on the Western front

Seems awfully quiet on the gear front these days doesn’t it. CES 2024 wrapping up with barely a sound from the DJ world, and an underwhelming 2nd half to 2023.

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I can’t remember any great dj news coming from ces in the last years, if its any at all it’s always at the winter namm, at the end of January. But as the importance of tradeshows is declining at a rapid pace most dj news now comes at timing chosen by the manufacturer, at their own events.

I didn’t mean just because of the trade show though, I’m talking about the past year or so in general

NAMM (Jan 25-28) will be the thing, from what I’ve heard - although no inMusic companies seem to be there, and Native Instruments only have a private meeting room.

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The physical exhibitions are on a bigger, more dangerous death spiral than ever before

What with the idiot vloggers running around the whole of an exhibition from rope-drop trying to be the first of the vloggers to have 5 fleeting seconds of bouncy footage of each exhibitors stand posted online a few seconds earlier than any other vlogger

Then the slightly more selective vloggers spending a few minutes on the stands with more products on them, while the vlogger feigns interest or at least bluffs their way past disinterest

On the sound front, if you are attending in person and trying to learn about some great new feature, you can’t often hear what’s being explained because of PA/speaker companies on different stands trying to out blast each other

The usual mystery game will be apparent:

Which existing midi controller have puoneer released in a different colour and which 5 buttons have they moved on a “new” controller with a slightly different model number and a couple of hundred bucks slapped on the price?

The costs of time and money to attend physically usually are off-putting or inconvenient to working DJs

Then the high cost and low quality of the concessional food and drink stands that have got you as a captive audience for the day, rather takes away the fact that the show organisers were so desperate to get any foot fall at all, that they gave tickets away via the DJ Associations, weeks before the event.