All knobs off center and rubbing faceplate

Anyone else experiencing this issue or lack of QA on their mixer?

My original unit had this problem and it caused the filter to stay engaged (blinking light) when all 4 knobs where centered.

I just got my replacement unit and it’s even worse than the original—seriously disappointing. It took two emails to support (they never got back to me), and a phone call in order to get help. Even after getting a hold of a someone, the replacement unit was shipped to a different address.

IMG_9169.HEIC (2.7 MB)

IMG_5242.HEIC (2.3 MB)

Your photos don’t show the problem…

Here’s a video:

Aaa, now I get it, the Faceplate is off center or the pcb under the faceplate that holds the knobs. Well… That is not a major issue if all is working correctly. Just a cosmetic… If it bothers You or causes a major problem, contact Your nearest Denon Dj service/reseller/shop.