All files are red in my 5000’s & playlist issue

I dragged a bunch of playlist folders from my external harddrive to engine prime in the crate tab. All tracks have been analyzed but show up with red text in the 5000’s and say ‘can’t use file’.

Also, none of the individual playlists I dragged into the crate tab in engine prime actually created individual playlists inside the 5000’s. Those playlists show up in engine prime as individual playlists, but those playlists don’t show up inside the 5000’s in the crate tab.


Playlists and crates are different in the Denon world. If you want your playlist to show up in the order you want, it must be imported as a playlist (which has more limited search options than a crate). A crate is made up of whatever you want to put in that crate but will be sorted by more search options. I tend to create my crates by genre and/or mood but until some of the basics are “ironed out” with Engine Prime, I’m holding off on really getting into an organizational method with the Prime database.

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Okay thanks, this helps a lot. So basically I can’t drag and drop my own playlists into engine prime for the 5000’s, I need to make them manually inside engine prime?

I see my playlists organized perfect in the file folder but none of the track info (bpm, key, etc) show up while scrolling through the playlist.

I’ve never tried dragging files that were analyzed by a different system, .ie Serato, Rekorbox, Traktor, from a thumb drive directly to the players but many here have. I always export from iTunes or Traktor into Engine Prime by importing playlists. Since I never used crates, I’ve been slowly making/adjusting them in the Engine Prime software before exporting to my drive and SD card that I use with my SC5000’s.

Just to clarify, I do everything in the software and then export to mirrored drives to be used with the hardware.

Do you recommend I put all the files I want engine prime to analyze onto my harddrive first, then drag those files from my harddrive to engine prime? I’ve had such a headache getting my music to show up properly on these 5000’s.

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I would recommend just that. Import all your music into the Engine Prime software on a computer and then move from your main database to the drive or SD card that you will use with your players. What other software do you use for your music collection? ie, iTunes, Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox?

Couldn’t I technically move all the music I want onto my DJ drive then drag those into engine prime to be analyzed? All my music has been analyzed on VDJ, but I also use iTunes (although I only have like 11k songs on iTunes).

“Couldn’t I technically move all the music I want onto my DJ drive then drag those into engine prime to be analyzed?” Technically, you can do that BUT then Engine Prime will always want that drive plugged in to see those tracks. Keep in mind that Engine Prime doesn’t copy files into a folder on your computer, it just databases where the files live that you put in it and then will copy those analyzed files to a drive or SD card to be used with your hardware. Since you don’t use any of the other DJ software that can be imported into Engine Prime, I would recommend using iTunes to collect, tag and organize your music and then import from the iTunes node any tracks or playlists. Look into “smart playlists”, it’s a great way to organize tracks in iTunes once you’ve set the metadata how you want.

EDIT: everything I just posted was false. I created my individual crates in engine prime, then dragged each respective song manually from my DJ hard drive. Once I loaded engine prime back up all the songs disappeared inside engine prime except for one playlist. This literally makes no sense…engine prime seems broken.

The songs I further put into each playlist are in my overall collection main crate but don’t show up in the crates I originally put them in.

Is your DJ external hard drive still plugged in?

Nope! Good call, I’ve been all over the place the last 3 days trying to sort this out.

So it looks like the only way that works for me is to create each crate individually within engine prime, then dragging/dropping each song manually from the mirrored playlist from in my external DJ harddrive. Am I missing anything here or does this seem like the quickest option?

The iTunes option won’t work for me because I already have my playlists made on my DJ harddrive and I’m trying to limit the amount of time it takes to convert the files into engine prime.

How did you make playlist on your DJ Hard drive?

Open up Virtual DJ and iTunes

Drag your Virtual DJ playlists into iTunes

Close both programs

Start Engine Prime

Refresh iTunes library

Drag each playlist from iTunes tab to Engine Prime collection tab

Now you have all your playlist available In Engine prime


I don’t use virtual dJ and rarely use iTunes…but I feel it should work as described

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I will try this method later but I want it to be known that there are inconsistencies with engine prime with now… I manually dragged/dropped a few dozen playlists from my harddrive to engine prime crates and only a few of them actually show up on the 5000’s. This should not be happening, it makes no sense as to why only a few of the crates show up even though all of them have been analyzed in engine prime and the crates still show up in engine prime. I think a moderator needs to chime in on this because there’s something wrong with the program.

Hi @djbertie, thanks for posting. We are committed to continuously improving both our hardware and software, your feedback on the matter is appreciated. We have an Engine PRIME Bug Report section of our forums for users to report these found issues, and it’s closely monitored by our Dev Team. This is a good place for any major issues to be seen and worked on.

Thanks, I have posted this issue in the bug thread.

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How did you get on with it?

My workflow is as follows

I have a 4TB ssd exfat.

My music resides here

I use same drive with Serato

I plug that in to the MacBook Pro

Open Serato tab in engine prime,

I’ve added all my tracks (70k) to engine prime collection after Serato refresh

I then added a few crates, I dJ using crates in Serato

So basically I have all my tracks and my favorite crates ready in Engine prime

The drive is unplugged from laptop and plugged to the 5000s and play off the same s

I do all my library management in Serato currently

VDJ → iTunes is a no go, it doesn’t work

This is what I did…

I dragged all 25 of my main playlists to my external 128gb DJ drive (from my main 1TB drive).

I then dragged all 25 playlists into the engine prime playlist tab, but this didnt work. None of the playlists show up on the 5000’s.

So then I tried dragging all 25 playlists off my external DJ drive to the engine prime crate tab, this didnt work. None of the crates show up on the 5000’s.

I finally manually created each playlist in the crate tab, then manually dragged each respective song from my external DJ drive playlists into each crate. This method only allowed 7 of my now 25 crates to show up on the 5000’s.

Engine prime has each of the songs from all playlists in the collection tab and in each crate, but only a few crates actually show up on the 5000’s.

SEE IMAGES BELOW* You can clearly see how many crates are in engine prime and how many show up on the 5000’s. I did nothing different when creating each crate, thus proving there is something wrong with the engine program.

I don’t understand your use of the term “playlist”

Are you using the term “playlist” to refer to actual “Folders”

Are you using it to describe actual playlist within another piece of software.

For clarity let’s reserve the use of the term playlist as music lists that a user creates in a dJ music player eg EP, ITunes, VDJ etc .

Just so I can understand, what you have on a drive are Folders and the folders contain music files. Is that correct?

I’m guessing that these Folders are like playlist to you eg you have a REGGAE folder on your 1TB external and you play from that folder in Virtual DJ without needing to do anything other than that in VDJ.

Is ALEX G your 1TB? How is this formatted? I can see the warning :warning:

BERTIE is your 128gb Thumbdrive you intend to use with the players correct?

Can you wipe Bertie, FAT32, MBR, eject it from the laptop.

If you open VDJ and EP side by side, can you drag and drop from VDJ to EP? I have tried this with both Traktor and Rekordbox DJ