Algorridim DJ Pro & Virtual DJ Pro with SC5000's / SC6000's & X1800 / X1850 mixers

Hi guys

I wanted to find out if Alogorridim’s DJ Pro for Mac is compatible with the SC 5000’s & the X 1800 mixer? I just see the LC 6000 prime on the list of compatible DJ gear on their website. If not, will it be compatible soon and is it better than Virtual DJ Pro? I also see that the CDJ 3000’s are compatible with Algorridim DJ Pro AI. Why is the SC6000’s and 5000’s not on the list?

I am a Serato User and do switch between using the SC5000 & X1800 setup in stand alone mode as well with my external HD. Serato does not however have the stem separation feature as yet and they have responded to me that they will not be having it any time soon. I love Serato but I have to admit that the Virtual DJ intergration with the SC 5000’s & 6000’s looks awesome on the players especially with stem separation on the pads.

Is there also a way to test out Virtual DJ Pro on a free trial with the prime setup to see if it will be worth it? Also how is the sound quality of Virtual DJ Pro compared with Serato DJ Pro & Algoriddims DJ Pro AI? Who wins this battle? At the end of the day its all about the quality of the audio even if the stem separation is awesome.

Any help would be appreciated thanks everyone.

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There is a 30 day trial with virtual dj.

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Man that’s a super long read LOL my current setup is VDJ, sc5000m’s, mixer I have not tried djay pro as I have no reason too. as im quite happy with VDJ i see more & more serato users say they are jumping ship because serato is (always) behind VDJ when it comes to features. Sheldz you can go to the VDJ website and download the free home version to test out.

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Sorry I pasted it twice by mistake haha. Ok perfect thanks guys will try it out!

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haha awesome thanks Reese. Ok so I am testing it out now, and this is what it has told me…please see below pics…

On the vdj software I signed in with my Apple ID and plugged the X1800 mixer and SC 5000 into the Mac via usb’s on HID mode (set on usb on the input select on the mixer). It picked up both the mixer and the SC 5000 player no problem but is coming up with the message that it requires a pro license which I understand, and states that 29 days remain on the pro trial.

The SC 5000 players is working with virtual DJ and the pads have been assigned to the separate stems (lit up different colours on the loop setting on the player), but the screen is still showing computer mode and does not work like I would like to test it out? Can this work in the pro trial period? I see free home use is only for use without professional equipment as well, so I gather you can only test out the SC 5000 on the pro trial?

I tested it for a month with the pro-trial version and it worked. Are you up to date with firmware?

5000 is 1.6.2 X1800 is 1.5

Click OK in the “new device detected” sc5000 window.

Thanks Mufasa yes my firmware is updated to 1.6.2 and 1.5. I just got a message on the VDJ website that the screen support for the SC5000s for the M1 Macs are not yet supported. :see_no_evil:

There you have your answer…being a trailblazer comes with some baggage!

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I tried running it on Rosetta and the screen skin works now. However there is major lag at times when running the dual layer on the player. For example if you loop the track, it instantly loops on the VDJ software on the M1 Macbook Pro screen, but takes a while to display on the player screen. That might be because of running it in Rosetta.

Denon player - M1 compatibility issue.

They are not supported yet

Ok great thanks Mufasa. Seems to be working nicely on Rosetta which is strange as that is for intel based Macs but it is working. The only issue is the lag when you switch between the duel layers quickly. I will take a pic of the screen skin but looks awesome. I must say the stem separation is really cool even though I do obviously prefer studio acapella’s. But its awesome for those tracks you struggle to get studio acapella’s for.

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